8 Outstanding Indian Kurtas Every Woman Should Own

Anurag B

Posted on October 07 2017

For many girls and women indeed it is raining multiple choices when it comes to choosing latest kurti designs. And it is not hard to figure out why every season brings upgrades and new styles that a wardrobe can be rendered obsolete literally in just under a season. So, which kurtis for women do you choose to maintain legitimate and perfect wardrobe and dress? Moreover there are so many Indian kurtis online which include both evergreen as well as trendy designs for the ever conscious stylish woman to get a hang of and enjoy timeless style fusion and ingenuous design perfection. Indian kurtis have attained global style resonance and appeal that today in almost most western countries they are trending in most ethnic wardrobes of the women and give them a whole new look on a different style scale. So, which kind of Indian kurtis should can and should you have in your Indian kurtis wardrobe tom effect a forever stylish wardrobe?

With no dearth for the types and styles of Indian kurtis for women to add to their wardrobes since the designs are overwhelming and diverse in every sense of the word. Below we check out 8 types of kurtis every woman should own and which kurtis will always leave a gaping kind of reaction for their sheer brilliant looks and sometimes their understated feminine grace very woman loves to adorn and feel special and loved.

1- Straight Cut Length Indian Kurta

Straight Cut Length Indian Kurta

They favor most body shapes although not entirely very slim shapes but are simply stylish and down to earth especially in breathable fabrics and colorful tones tom add appeal. If stitched to perfection they are the best example of incredible ethnic styling made to fit and perfection.  

2- A-Line Indian Kurta

A-Line Indian Kurta

Another great style of kurtas is the A-line which basically captures the common body shape of an A from the top to the bottom. This ladies kurta design is seamlessly impeccable when stitched to right fit and styled to perfection without flaws. It gives a seamless trendy style that fit for any style conscious woman and girl today.      

3- Up-Down Indian Kurta

Up-Down Indian Kurta

Charm, charisma and passionate cuts in the right falls and stretches means your style is forever at th0e right mark. With the appropriate color tone for the day and what you prefer add tons of captivating milieus to your kurti collection.     

4- Asymmetric Indian Kurta

Asymmetric Indian Kurta

Who doesn’t flip and skip a heartbeat with engrossing appeal of especially trendy and eye catching asymmetric women kurta? They are so stylishly cut with a futuristic fusion of perfect portions and sizes that place you in the right mood for a party or relaxed gathering. It can be cool for an outdoors adventure too enjoying the time out with closes friends or a date.  

5- Front Slit Hand Block Print Indian Cape Kurta

Front Slit Hand Block Print Indian Cape Kurta

Capes kurtas have been around for some time but have come into style prominence for their perfect fusion of Indian and western style sensibilities. They are still a great way to work on both the traditional and international style and design sensibilities in a classic fusion way. 

6- Jacket Style Hand Block Print Indian Kurta

Jacket Style Hand Block Print Indian Kurta

Retain a high sense of Indian mixed with indo western ethnic elegance with Indian kurtas even when you are in doubt of what dress code suits the occasion. What rocks with this epitome Indian kurta piece is perfect fit, elegance of block prints but above all the jacket style that adds exoticism.

7- Anarkali Hand Block Printed Indian Kurta

Anarkali Hand Block Printed Indian Kurta

If heading out to any Indian themed or centric feast and celebration there are so many things that inspire the best out of every best Indian look especially like this ancient kurta style. With a great history and heritage this kurta style is patronized and loved by most woman that at least it is must have be it for Indian weddings, festivals (spiritual and traditional), fests, fairs and even at all kinds of parties.     

8- Plain Shirt Kurta Style with Pockets

Plain Shirt Kurta Style with Pockets

What is so in-style these days is the universal appeal of this work style shirt kurta that is imbued with eclectic style and indo western outlook. It fills every woman’s wardrobe with a trendy look that never fails to charm and impress with a ready to go persona.

With these timeless kurtas foe women, spruce up your kurta collection with the latest Indian kurtas online that enhance and lift your style sense to the next dimension and level. The best every style centric woman should own.

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