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10 Forever Classic Hues In Women Ethnic Wear?

Women's Ethnic Wear

The everlasting charm and elegance of the classic Indian ethnic wear upholds it to the supreme position in the women clothing industry since time immemorial. With lots of innovative and trendy designs coming forward each day, the charm of ethnic wear has not sensationalized the Indian subcontinent alone but, the occidental culture as well. While the designers are constantly experimenting with the elegant cuts, comfort and trends of ethnic wear, the use of contrasting hues in ethnic women clothing is still the same and here is a list of 10 forever classic hues in women ethnic wear that you can easily find if you are looking for ethnic clothing

Mustard Yellow

Opulent Yellow Asymmetrical Long Dress

When the epic beauty of mustard yellow hue is paired with classy designs of ethnic clothing, the result is good enough to further glorify the looks of any gorgeous women. The mustard yellow hue is also known as goldenrod specifying that there is definitely an undenying freshness, regality, positivity and enlightenment.

Bright Red

Bright Red

The eye catching bright red hue has a chic feminine flair that makes it an absolute favorite color for Indian ethnic attires. A must have color; red is also the most popular color for bridal wear in India and various other countries. When this color is balanced out with other colors of ethnic styles, the result is often whimsical.

Blush Pink

Blush Pink

Haute and mighty, any ethnic clothing in blush pink hue can never go unnoticed. It’ll assure that you get all the admiration and appreciation that you deserve and hence, it is often the most picked color when it comes to women ethnic clothing. The beautiful subtlety of this preppy chic color is highly sophisticated often radiating auspicious energy around.

Indigo Blue

Layered Indigo Cotton Panel Printed Long Dress

No other color can beat the royal charm and striking qualities of Indigo blue color when it comes to enliven your wardrobe.  This bright, lively and energetic color is ideal for a perfect sunny day, glam night outs and clubbing nights and on the top of it, it works absolutely flawlessly with any skin tone.  Indeed, a perfect win-win color for any women.

Parrot Green

Parrot Green

When the eclectic parrot green hue is blended with rich heritage of fabric, embroidery and style for charming women ethnic attire, there is nothing more beautiful and delicate that you would be able to witness in your life. Since this color is neither too flashy nor too sober; you can pick this color for any kind of occasion in your life.

Flashy Orange

Flashy Orange

There is nothing better than flashy orange when it comes to picking the most charming hue for your ethnic wear closet. While it is easy to get attracted towards the girly and feminine grace of this hue, it is the depth and intensity of this shade which makes it an ideal shade for women ethnic clothing wearers. When paired with heritage embroidery and other fabric arts works, it is sure to bring praises in lengths for you.

Turquoise Blue

Turquoise Blue

Associated with trust and purity, the turquoise blue has revolutionized the world of women ethnic wear in past few decades with its glory. Dresses in turquoise blue has a power to attract everyone attention. With a wide range of turquoise blue indo western dresses, ethnic kurtis, designer traditional skirts and other ethnic clothing, it is easy for women to look gorgeous every time.

Intense Magenta

Pink Angrakha Style Chanderi Hand Block Printed Dress

A brighter version of blush pink, Magenta is an absolute stunner when it comes to women ethnic wear. This color has a unique charm and punch of its own assuring that you look absolutely cheerful and gorgeous whenever you wear an ethnic ensemble in Magenta hue. When blended with other ethnic hues, it becomes all the way more glamorous.

Deep Purple

Pleated Hand Block Printed Modal Indo Western Dress In Purple

Another graceful hue that is amazingly popular in women ethnic clothing is none other than gorgeous purple. When blended with exquisite embroidery, it recreates a brilliant traditional wear for you. This color has a calm and serene aura combined with fierce energy that is why it is often associated with luxury, power, royalty and nobility.

Mint green

Ravishing Anarkali long dress in Mint

A modern classic hue, mint green is not just soothing for the eyes only but, it is a highly sensuous color that makes it one of the most adorned colors for the ethnic women clothing. All the famous ethic wear designers have used this gorgeous hue in lots and lots of their creations. When paired with zari work and other classic textile art works, they have the power to make anything look magical.