Cotton kurtis are one of most loved attire of women of all ages. There will rarely a girl who doesn’t have cotton kurtis in her wardrobe. Don’t you like love them as being the most versatile and comfortable wear for quick hangouts and sudden dinner parties.

We can call cotton kurtis as our “soul mates” in dresses, oh yes! Anytime, anywhere, issues with your dresses all you do is take out your favorite cotton kurtis and pair it up with your pricey Prada clutch and there you go! Perfect dress combos expensive handbags and neckpieces are a must have to rock the party, the ‘desi diva’ way.

Even though, you are wearing your cotton kurtis from times immemorial there are certain mistakes that you keep repeating unknowingly. So, here is a list of top three things you should stop wearing with your cotton kurtis.

Beige Or Same Color Bottoms

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One of the major confusions, I am sure you have while wearing your favorite cotton kurtis or your indo western kurtis is that which bottom should I choose? Yes, I can totally understand and correspond to that feeling. Sometime back even I had this confusion, like freaking everyday as I planned for my next day’s office get up. But lastly I realized and actually silly, that we end up wearing beige/ skin colored chudidar or leggings with cotton kurtis, which trust me it looks horrendous.

Oh yes! They totally look awful and actually end up killing your entire get up giving it a very needy attitude. The next in line is if you wear same color bottoms with your cotton kurtis or indo western kurtis. This is also a big mistake that you should be avoiding. Same color bottoms neither give a fabulous contrast and neither are revivalist, so you should totally stop wearing them with your indo western kurtis or your cotton kurtis.

Overburdening Accessories

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The next in line that you should entirely be giving up is overburdening your cotton kurtis and indo western dresses or indo western kurtis with huge junky not required neckpieces and bangles. It is an agreed fact; if you know how to accessorize they surely dress up well and adequately while picking up an ethnic cotton kurtis. They add up brilliantly to your personality and also your overall look.

I am certain, this accessories part ring a bell for you. It is many a times an issue that you unconsciously just pick and wear all that you bought thinking to combine with your cotton kurtis and your indo western dresses, which end up looking extremely desperate and very under impressive for sure.

So, it is very important to remember that overburdening your cotton kurtis or your indo western dresses with huge neckpieces and junky bangles are totally not needed and they actually eventually just take away the pleasantness of your attire.

Wrong Footwear

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Another very essential thing that you should never wear with your cotton kurtis or indo western kurtis or indo western dresses are wrong footwear like knee-length boots or strappy Egyptian stilettos. These are an unnecessary fashion which is totally redundant while dressing up in your favorite cotton kurtis or indo western kurtis.

You always should remember, about the place you are wearing your cotton kurtis to. Because putting in something which is totally out of the league in a particular situation, looks extremely unbearable and unjustified.

There is a friend of mine, who goes to trek wearing cotton kurtis and high heel pumps which are so the wrong footwear for trekking and walking expeditions. One needs to be aware of the kind of situation you are going to attend in order to mend your ways accordingly.

Concluding Comments

These three things are the most crucial to be avoided while wearing your cotton kurtis or indo western dresses. You can surely create an aura of your own, with classic elegance and optimize your looks along with the outfit. For newer and fresh tips for buying and styling your cotton kurtis keep reading my blog. Send me your feedbacks and comments, they are my favorite fashion dose! 

January 30, 2017 — A B