Cape kurtis have for some time now graced and inspired the best socialites to look their best in perfectly trimmed and done cape style kurtis . From movie stars, to social stars and celebrities the fascination with the cape style kurti trend has been gaining value and followers for a valid number of reasons.

Let us look at some of the trendsetting styles setting the wardrobes and closets of famous socialites on fire with pristine valued and stylishness. Here are some breathtaking cape kurtis styles for the modern Indian celebrity.

And as the seasons for the best self-expression of cape styles here are incredible collection of cape style kurtis for the modern woman of today.

1- Beige / Orange Hand Block Printed Cape Style Kurti

Beige Orange Hand Block Printed Cape Style Kurti

This cape kurta online is uniquely styled in lively and colorful tones that welcome every bit of shiny hues to make your graceful appearance and essence visible and prominent always wherever you go. With the crowning style of 3 / 4”solid sleeves, round neck, front slit, solid trim cuffs and hems, floral hand block and the colorful dyed yoke and bust front makes  a ravishing styles statement unique of the wearer.

2- Navy Blue Hand Block Print and Embroidered Cape Kurta with Pants

NaVy Blue Hand Block Print and Embroidered Cape Kurta with Pants

Who can fail to hardly notice the attention to detail and the personal devotion to the rich style points that make this cape kurti a resonating style with high social personalities. With this deep rich color tone that impacts your overall dress sense welcome elements like the 3 / 4” sleeves, fine hand block prints, good bust and yoke embroidery and the elegant front side slit which adds charismatic looks and appearance for the average wearer and dresser.  With the deep navy blue baritone of the cape kurta there’s perfect charismatic display of feminine elegance.

3- V-Neck Cape Kurta Indo Western Dress with Palazzo

V-Neck Cape Kurta Indo Western Dress with Palazzo

With a superb and excellent yellow / rust color tone the cape style kurtas with this significant design, style and finish accord a high sense of refined dress style. Styled and designed with the best hand Block prints as well as 3 / 4” sleeves, V-neckline / collar styling and the impressive hem line and cuff solid print make for a unique style presence and appearance in any woman’s wardrobe.

4- White and Blue Hand Block Print Cape Kurta

White and Blue Hand Block Print Cape Kurta 

In flourishing and exciting anarkali looks this cape kurta is refined with precise hand block prints, well timed fine embroidery / stitching and finishing work on the collar / neckline, glorious blue piping on the of the placket, covered buttons, front center slit, 3 / 4 inch sleeves make an amazing symbol of great styling and designing. The best advantage of cotton fabric finishing makes a resounding design  style and statement for any modern fashionista.

5- Off White / Pink Hand Block Print Cotton Cape Kurta

Off White Pink Hand Block Print Cotton Cape Kurta

Designed in the best colors and fabrics combining to make an excellent match up this cape kurta gives a hyper feel of super comfortable dress . With passionate hand block print that brings the amazing charm and premium celebrity through mandarin collars, 3 / 4” neckline / collar, fine front side slit and the enamoring appearance of the premium hemline embroidery add to the classic touch of the cape style kurti online. Enhanced by the perfect fits and styles the cape kurtis oozes an elaborate sense of extra fine grace and modesty in seemingly simple yet sophisticated way. It is elegance in motion.    

Choose the best or most preferred stylish cape kurta with the most advanced inputs that enhance the wardrobes appropriate styles and makes the closet keenly observed and followed. Adopt cape style kurtis designed for excellence and wardrobe depth and variety in dress.  Cape style kurti online provide the highest source of stylish and profound designs as they are the best companion for the modern woman of substance. The designs infuse both latest unique traditional design elements and the trending / emerging inputs in the making of kurtis. Therefore you can find amazing and incredible styles that set different stylish tones with cape kurtis online shopping for the closet distinction and elegance.

August 12, 2017 — A B