Necklines are all about creating the right stunning kurti style that makes even your harshest critics stop and take note of your diva like ambitions. There is no doubt every girl / woman can look royal and celebrated by just choosing the most definitively flattering neckline / collar for her kurti. Below we present you 40 of most significant and celebrated kurti neckline and collar styles that will give your ordinary kurti that fashion and style x-factor. So, what is your favorite and best style x-factor in kurti necklines / collars?

Let us find out below some of the most interesting and amazing necklines for any kurtis in your wardrobe.   

1- Peter Pan Collars / Neckline

Peter Pan Collars / Neckline

Peter Pan collars / necklines appear cozy and enviable in a stylish dress sense / style as they add to the artistic appeal of the kurtis. They are lovely cut to portray fantastic feminine attributes in soft yet fashionable sense / way.  

2- Notch Collar Straight

Notch Collar Straight 

You can have your cake and eat it too with your stylish new kurti in this élan, verve and dashing female elegance. Every woman has a style quotient yet this incredible neckline gives a fair chance for most women to look unique and special no matter the kurti styling.  

3- Boat Neckline

Boat Neckline

Boat necklines may favor women dressers with broad shoulders or height to carry them off with swift swaggering appeal and invincible style presence. As they tend to express their individuality better and femininity at enviable scales.  

4- Cowl Neckline

Cowl Neckline

In colorful kurtis like red, pink, orange this neckline assumes a great deal of stylishness as it is audible, loud and imposing in a style sense. It cuts the right style notes for its breakaway styling, a mix of indo western and Indian dress sensibility. Get the right fusion to add a dose of excellent kurti styling.   

5- V-Neckline


They are common yet still carry an express chic and classic stance especially in brilliant tones and shades like white, blue or cream. It is this royal stance that adds spitfire interesting charm and caliber in kurtis styling.    

6- Chinese / Mandarin Collar

Chinese / Mandarin Collar

Perhaps another often used neckline styling that for sure bears a remarkable resemblance to the Nehru collar. Yet the often cut and open mandarin collars present style stance that gives women to dress comfortably and stylishly. 

7- Closed Collar / Neckline

Closed Collar / Neckline

Closed collars are often preferable on longer kurtis as they present a unique design statement. And can make the kurti look extra official and charismatic for the dresser to enjoy

8- Round Neckline

Round Neckline

Round neckline can appear so calm and stylishly understated yet make the most awesome style notes for any woman looking at being exclusive in her own right. They are basic but command grand stylish looks.

9- Scoop Neckline

Scoop Neckline

Essentially comfortable and avail great style points as they give wearers room to experience amazing levels of freshness and no perspiration all day. With the right cut and stitch this neckline is a sure fashion trailblazer. 

10- Square Neckline

Square Neckline

Unique and completely taken away from the common necklines, but that’s what makes kurtis extra unique, extra special. So derive great and maximum styling for your grand style designs.

11- Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline

Strike the right cordial and affable dress designs even with the simple touch of your neckline looks. Sweetheart necklines are deeply feminine with a touch of design stance that makes your admirers look on with pleasant compliments.

12- Keyhole Neckline / Collar

Keyhole Neckline / Collar

With this effervescent and ever youthful appealing keyhole neckline inspire the best feelings of trendy and stylish kurti styling all the time. They are decent, youthful and filled with vigorous enthusiasm for the young dresser.

13- Shirt Collar Style Neckline

Shirt Collar Style Neckline

Be it at the office or having a break from the work commitments, this neckline gives you the ultimate sensation of a serious yet toned demeanor. You are ready to go and work or just chill at the best drop of such a proposition. It is a timeless working and relaxing time style.

14- Crew Neckline

Crew Neckline 

Add in some variety and depth with this exclusive crew neck style for your moments of fun and chilling out with friends. It is every woman’s aspiration to look lovely polished and beautiful and this kurti style is evident with feminine grace and modesty.    

15- Strap Neckline

Strap Neckline

When the summers come it is that time to feel cool in styles that time to bring out the beauty of strapped necklines. They are tender, feel more comfortable and can adjust in casual environment be it on romantic stroll, grabbing a quick bite, casual relaxation with close family and friends or enjoying some special me time by lounging at home.   

16- Spaghetti Straps Neckline

Spaghetti Straps Neckline

A great companion in the warm and hot seasons these necklines bring a relaxed demeanor to style composure as they allow easy breathing of the skin and body especially in the summer season.  They are also very feminine in outlook and styling.     

17- Halter Neckline

Halter Neckline

For the younger women appreciating themselves in stylish kurtis in bright color with halter necklines adds oodles of panache and elegance. This is because halter necklines are nothing short of grand style and fashion personified especially in the warm seasons.   

18- Off Shoulder Neckline

Off Shoulder Neckline

Another party and social do favorite kurti neckline that transforms the basic kurti to a status of haute couture. It is magnificent to look ad also feels expressly individualistic for each dresser.

19- Surplice Neckline

Surplice Neckline

Surplice necklines unlike crossovers are gentle in cuts and sometimes low lying with a gentle twirl. It is what makes every woman desire something unique in design and looks. 

20- One Shoulder Neckline

One Shoulder Neckline

Cut a refreshing and cute neckline be it at engagements, social dos, parties and outdoors even on dinner date that marks you out as unique stylista and fashionista. Add this extraordinary neckline design to your premium party wear ensembles for the right style effect. It makes you definitely aspire for the diva like looks.

21- Illusion Neckline

Illusion Neckline

With slim film of silhouette of slender see through fabric add eloquent vibes to your kurtis collection with impressive neckline finishing. This neckline presents an opportune and perfect dress sense for couple dinners and dates.  

22- Round Split Neckline

Round Split Neckline

The round neck is quite popular yet with its split twist adds another phenomenal cap and feather of creativity and sunning styling. This essential v-like dissection in the middle of the round neckline at the yoke acts as a follow on of better collar shaping and styling. 

23- Lace / Velvet Patch Neckline

Lace / Velvet Patch Neckline

Are you fascinated by the sweet and soft fusion idea of lace and velvet on your kurtis necklines? Lace and velvet patches are something creative and add impressive appearance to your kurtis looks and fashion stance. Added just in the right aggregate it creates an amazing style impression.

24- Beaded / Lace Work Neckline

Beaded / Lace Work Neckline

Beads are classical and defining for any kurti style as they define and mark out the wearer’s unique stance. They are chic and fine for any elevated dress style.

25- Turtle Neckline

Turtle Neckline

Step into an aura where your visible presence in the fashion sense makes striking and poignant statements to be mulled over for a very long time. You are grace and femininity personified when you choose to shine in a striking design and color turtle neckline design.   

26- Crossover Neckline

Crossover Neckline

Crossover necklines are unique in special ways as they capture the pragmatic essence of style and freshness of creative styling. They are fresh, eye-catching and reveal the wearers modern sense of design appreciation. Dress with an eye on the latest trending neckline themes and styles. 

27- Lucknowi Chikan Embroidered Neckline

Lucknowi Chikan Embroidered Neckline

Lucknowi Chikan embroidery is intricate and takes special skill and passion for its fine detailing. With its charismatic and special artistic you define a whole new impression and appearance in your dress basics as well as beautiful glow.

28- Ivory Zari Embroidered Neckline

Ivory Zari Embroidered Neckline

Who can deny the impact and dose of stylish grandeur of Zari embroidery on any kurti? Make this amazing style add gracious points in your stylish wardrobe choices. It is eclectic, charismatic and charming to the core. Let your kurtis be about uniqueness and lasting freshness.

29- Blazer Style Neckline

Blazer Style Neckline

A touch of royalty and feel of encompassing warmth is what this neckline embodies for the stylish women who enjoy the classical dress sense. Be it in the offices, official functions or attending some other work related engagements. There are limitless possibilities to shine and leave a positive impression. Stun your colleagues with the right styles notes.  

30- Wide Shoulder Neckline

Wide Shoulder Neckline

Sometimes variety is good in the choice of kurti necklines and wide shoulder necklines are just the typical feminine stance for a true romantic. You can enjoy great dress options with your significant other with depth in ethnic dress styling and dressing. 

31- Assymetrical Neckline

Assymetrical Neckline

Asymmetrical necklines combine functional attraction and elegance of great styling and presence for the wearers. They are imbued with common side stitching that adds special touch and look. Be it for parties or college going you can stand out distinctively in a crowd.       

32- Shirt Collar Neckline

Shirt Collar Neckline

They are amazingly casual and give most women a feeling of impressive style even when carrying out the most mundane of tasks at home, in the office, on a trek, journey or just enjoying casual stroll. Add character to your kurtis with this amazing neckline appearance. 

33- High Neckline

High Neckline

High necklines are conservative yet classically made for a similar dress environment which calls for clean and decent dressing. High necklines with embellishments are the typical office environment or work dress.

34- U-Neckline


For college girls and young working women professionals, appearing polished, neat and attractive make a great impression. U-necklines are relaxed and comfortable and above all decent enough for any working day.

35- Stand Collar Neckline

Stand Collar Neckline

Be it for work or the need just for common mixing with friends there is stylishness in stand collars for that extra zing and style in your dress collection.

36- Decolletage Neckline

Decolletage Neckline

Simple, chic, understated yet characteristically impressive with lovely twirls and cuts appear casual in a purely formal way. The neckline stance is for a relaxed formality that accords both sides of the dress spectrum.

37- Pentagon Neckline

Pentagon Neckline

Eloquent with incredible cut, stitch and finish the pentagon neckline is the ultimate party neckline for the party enthusiast. Get onto the realistic and exciting feel of being the cynosure of all eyes at a party, event and grand gathering. 

38- Kimono Necklines Style

Kimono Necklines Style

Kimonos are synonymous with creative and beautiful fusion of cultures. With this incredible mix of great style lets your styles make an impressive statement of an international dress culture and understanding.  

39- Nehru Collars / Neckline

Nehru Collars / Neckline

Radiate and glow with pride and joy of your ethnic roots or celebrate the diversity of ethnicity with this premium and decent collar / neckline style for all occasions. Add diversity and color to your dress themes.

40- Gotta Patti Embroidered Neckline

Gotta Patti Embroidered Neckline

Strike the traditional stance of richly embroidered gotta patti necklines that place in you the best looks of ethnic styling. Let the richness and the characteristic finish precede you at any event and function.

41- Raglan Neckline

Raglan Neckline 

You create your own new grand statement with this grand appearance that marks you out even at a distance. You are the queen of moment reign like it matters as your beautifully done neckline draws attention and compliments.  

42- Zipper Neckline

Zipper Neckline 

Strike a distinctive figure f flamboyance and accomplishment with this clean zipper neckline that presents your confident and amazingly stylish personality. You make an impressive and astonishingly awesome confident style verve and enthusiasm.

43- Jewel Neckline

Jewel Neckline

Jewel necklines are delicate and specific for special functions like attending an invite only, movie premiere, weddings and receptions as they deeply embellished with precious jewels and gemstones.

44- Tassel Neckline

Tassel Neckline

Tasseles are great style supplements and complement ay womans aspiration for classic taste and appearance. Tassels are relatively decent while travelling or enjoying a holiday or justs about going on with ordinary householed chores and lounging. 

45- Pittan Applique Embroidered Neckline

Pittan Applique Embroidered Neckline

The floral and charismatic looking necklines add unique grace and appeal to the overall look and taste of a simple kurtis part. Strike both the traditional and special look without much struggle as attend traditional functions like pujas, festivals, sangeets, weddings and other colorful occasions.

46- Kashmiri Embroidered Neckline

Kashmiri Embroidered Neckline

Unlike regular kurtis neckline embroidery formats, Kashmiri necklines kurtis are exceptionally traditional and use traditional means to achieve the exquisite results. The end is perfect kurti necklines that express perfection, culture and conservative dress statements.   

47- Resham Embroidered Neckline

Resham Embroidered Neckline

Resham is another traditional kurtis neckline that will transform the ordinary look of nay woman to extraordinary status. Look your charismatic best as you strut any traditional gathering and function with unique panache and vivacity.

48- Victorian Neckline

Victorian Neckline

They are ancient and still connect with a large dress audiences that patronize the victoria eras creative dress appeal and attraction. Victorian necklines in some ways are cultural fusion and cut across cultures to bring a whole new taste and appearance in kurti necklines.

49- Plunging Neckline

Plunging Neckline

Plunging kurti necklines are seen as bold and yet are still stylish in their own right with impeccable dress credential and taste. They are preferred for glitzy parties or just personal dress tastes and preferences.  

50- Diamond Neckline

Diamond Neckline 

It is crafted with perfection for the resilient dresser who appreciates the elegance the fine things a simple piece like a necklines plays in portraying a woman’s modesty and refined dress sense.

Step out and be noticed with some of these inspired kurtis necklines.

October 07, 2017 — A B