The art of hand block printing originated in the by lanes of Rajasthan years ago. Block printed kurtis are crafted by imprinting a design using a carved piece of wood or other block. Block printed kurtis are loved by fashion forward women due to their sheer sophistication and grace. These kurtis remind us of our rich cultural history and traditions.

Block printed kurtis are available in a range of styles such as a-line, anarkali, angarkha, c-cut pattern, high neck pattern, etc.

While accessories are a blessing, it can be quite daunting at times to think of all the must-haves to match with your ethnic kurti. We’ve rounded up a list of accessories to pair with your hand block print kurtis and suits.

1. Traditional Embroidered Shoes

    A pair of designer shoes can make or break any salwar suit or a kurti look. Good shoes not only take you good places but also set out a great first impression. Shoes are like the final decider of what the whole look is going to be like. It is an essential piece of attire and needs to be chosen rightly. It is best advised to pair nude platforms or heels with darker clothing and dark heels with subtle colored outfits. 

    A stylish piece of hand block print kurti will look great when teamed up with ethnic shoes or mojaries with embroidery.

    2. Stylish Handbags

      Handbags are the most helpful piece of accessory used by women. Handbags help you carry a lot of valuable stuff like money, makeup essentials, and your cell phone. Different handbags are available for different occasions. For work wear look, a classy and sober handbag would be an impeccable choice whereas for parties and high-end events, shop for a statement clutch.

      Go for clutches embellished with embroidery, thread work, beads or sequins to team up with block printed kurtis and suits.

      3. Haath Phool

        Haath Phool is the arm accessory that usually consists of a flower or a design in the center of the palm. Haath Phools are available in gold, silver, kundan and imitation jewellery. This delicate piece of accessory looks utterly gorgeous when worn with traditional Indian wear.

        Nowadays, the slimmer and trendier versions of haath phools are available in the market. Many brides and celebs can be seen flaunting this super stunning accessory at special occasions, weddings or festivities.

        4. Bright Designer watch


          Gone are the days when watches were used only as a thing to check time. Nowadays, watches are more and more being used as a go-to piece of accessory. While jewellery is a must-have, there is just so much that a stylish watch can do to your whole outfit. Trust a great piece of designer watch to do most of the work for you when it comes to a hand block printed kurti. You can also pair your bracelets and armlets with a stylish watch to have a whole arm party! This accessory can be worn at formal, informal and probably any event. 

          5. Traditional Indian Bindi

          Gone are the days when bindi was worn only by married women. Bindi is a tiny dot applied by women on their forehead, signifying their ‘suhaag’. Nowadays, bindis are largely being used as decorative purposes and they are available in a whole lot of colours other than the typical bright red. The choice of the bindi must be judged by the kind of face type you have. Women with long faces should opt for a round bindi whereas women with a round or square face should go for long bindi.

          The selection of bindi also depends on the look you’re aiming for. A fancy shimmery or stone-studded bindi would give the impression of mature look whereas a plain tiny bindi would give you a trendy girlish look.

          6. Traditional Earrings

          There is just so much that right piece of jewellery can do to your whole personality. Traditional Indian jewellery in kundan, jadau, etc. look utterly gorgeous and stunning. They make an impeccable choice for weddings, rituals and luxe parties. You can team up your block printed kurta with light or heavy earrings depending on the occasion.

          For daily wear, it is best advised to go minimal and wear light studs or small earrings.



          September 18, 2016 — A B