The art of hand block printing is said to have it’s roots in India, China and other south Asian countries. Hand block prints are made by imprinting a design on a cloth, using a carved piece of wood or other block. Despite of availability of modern techniques, hand block prints have made an impeccable place for themselves in the world of fashion. Stunning apparels with hand block prints are being exported to different countries worldwide. Even a number of designer suits online are adorned with delicately beautiful hand block prints. Block printing in India is largely done in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The two types of block printing famous in Rajasthan are- Sanganeri and Bagru. While the former uses white base for block printing, the latter uses dark coloured bases such as red, black, etc. While shopping block printed kurtis and printed salwar suits, make sure to look for genuine hand block prints. Block printing done by hands is never perfect and that is the beauty of it. No two pieces of hand block printing will ever look exactly the same.

Nowadays, hand block printed kurtis are offering us more than just beautiful patterns. They are largely being influenced by the western culture and being designed in newer styles such as shirt style, kaftan style, tunic style, halter neck style, deep plunging neck, etc. This makeover of hand block print kurtis has a given a major boost to the industry.

Here are 5 block print kurta styles influenced from the west-

  • Shirt Style Block Print Kurtis

Printed Kurtis

Gone are the days when shirts were a thing only for men as now women across the country are adorning shirts and totally killing it. One such development of a shirt are the shirt style kurtis in hand block prints. This fusion of Indian and western is the flawless choice for your work wear wardrobe. You can look stylish at your office while not compromising with professionalism and Indian culture. These shirt kurtis can be designed in various lengths and collars depending upon personal preferences.


  • Front Slit Hand Block Printed Kurtis

printed kurtis

Speak of the latest in kurtis and this trend comes to our mind. Fashioners all over the nation can be seen adorning a front slit kurti with gorgeous hand block prints on several occasions, meetings and parties. Taken from the indo-western collection, this silhouette looks graceful and can be easily paired with wide-legged pants, palazzos or skirts.


  • Kaftan Style Block Print Kurtas

printed kurtis

Kaftan style block print kurtas are inspired from the relaxed western silhouette and have made a way into the closet of fashion lovers across the globe. Kurtis in kaftan style are a flawless choice for the casual hangouts, brunches, get-together or evening looks. Kaftans in boho looks are also popular as a beach or resort wear. Various motifs of fruits, tribal people, monuments and flowers can be found on them. They’re not only stylish and trendy but also keep your insides comfortable and easy. 

  • Halter Neck Block Print Kurtis

Printed kurtis

Halter neck kurtis look great on women with toned shoulders and arms, as they expose a major portion of the neck and shoulder area. These kurtis usually have strands that are tied at the back of the neck. They can vary in the degree of skin show depending upon the wearer’s preferences. Various halter neck kurtis in hand block prints can be worn at beaches, resorts, vacations, brunches, etc. Pair this style with comfy jeans or fitted leggings. 

  • Tunic Style Block Print Kurtis

Printed kurtis

Tunic style kurtis are the latest rage in the fashion industry. They’re being loved by designers because one can just throw on a tunic style kurta without any bottoms. They’re basically an Indian version of the western little black dress. Indian designers such as Neeru Kumar, Abraham & Thakore, etc. have given a brand new take to the classic block printed kurtis in the form of tunics. 

  • Color Block Hand Block Print Kurtas

Block printed kurtis

Color blocking is the latest trend in the world of vogue. It involves choosing colors that belong to totally different shade families and then pairing them together for example- red and blue. Color block kurtis look totally bold and aren’t a thing for the faint-hearted. Block print kurtis in color block styles have been reaching new heights in the world of fashion as designers are totally eyeing this trend.


October 04, 2016 — A B