Over the past few decades, women apparel trends have witnessed quite a mash up. On the one hand, the western flair infused with Indian traditional styles to offer trendiest Indo western ensembles while on the other hand, the emergence of one side open kurtis or one side slit kurtis added a whole new dimension to the Indian woman’s closets but, what made one side open kurtis so popular is known to just a few.  Here are 5 facts about this beautiful women clothing trend that will make you buy one immediately.

One Side Open Kurti 

Adorn simplicity and sophistication with the one side cut kurtis that are pretty different from the existing kurti style as they are way sassier and stylish. These kurtis are a traditional outfit with a modern contemporary twist and it goes well for women of all ages and classes.

indo western kurti

Accessorizing of these one side cut open kurtis is damn easy. They are already adorned with various embellishments and look amazingly alluring and you could easily pair them up with various styles of bottom wears like leggings, denim, jeggings, palazzos and more. With just a little jewelry and right footwear, they look even more mesmerizing.

front open kurti

Unlike any other style of women kurtis, the one side open kurtis are super comfortable for the wearer. Moreover, with all the ease of wearing, they add an instant alluring appeal to your stance while still retaining the sophisticated and elegant charm. While the front side cut kurtis are good to channel bohemian rhapsody vibes the other one side open kurtis adds all the drama and grace in your look.

front open kurtis

When it comes to one side open kurtis, anyone could be left spellbound with the options available during online shopping or offline shopping.  Just by shifting the alignment of the slit, the look of the kurti changes altogether and hence, there are side slit kurtis, front slit kurtis, both sides slit kurtis and more option available.

side open kurti

When monotony strikes your wardrobe, these one side open kurtis are there to add glamour and exemplary vibes to it. Why? They are available in a wide range of fabrics making them ideal for all kind of occasions, celebrations and reasons. You just get a high on fashion with these youthful appealing women attires.

a side open kurti

Heartwarming colors and adorable patterns are imparted to this women clothing style with the help of applique work, tie and dye, screen printing, hand block printing and embroidery to make them more fashionable.  All these prints, patterns and colors lighten and brighten up your mood and add a gracefully sensational vibe to your wardrobe.

February 19, 2018 — A B