Indo western Kurtis has become this transient change from the ethnic wear to the infusion of the western into it! A woman, when she would peek into her wardrobe she would be dazzled and dismantled at the same time, to find the amount of western tunics and Indo Western Kurtis she has.

The fashion really has grasped that enigmatic thread of creative zeal and the happening aroma of being a fashionista!

 The designers and the fashion enthusiasts really are working hard, in innovating the trends and shifting the focus from purely traditional, to something which got "a little of this and a little bit of that". The time has rally shifted and evolved immensely.

The Indo Western Clothing are really popular amongst the working women, who thinks that when a lady adorn this long sleeved and bellowing Kurtis, then she resonates a really professional and elegant aura about herself.

So let’s browse through all those Kurtis, which the working women loves to adorn at the offices-

 1. The Long Straight Cut Kurtis

Long Cut Kurtis

The main grace which this long straight cut kurti provides is amazing, which just adds to the overall office professional outlook. Women can always wear this long kurti with light earrings and a stiletto or some heels. Avoid wearing loose pajamas like palazzos under it to avoid looking unprofessional.

 2. The Straight Cut Short Kurtis

 Straight Cut Short Kurtis

This one also works perfectly. Which can be worn in light and pastel colors with light prints or embroidery.

3. The Long Sleeved Short Kurti with Jacket Style

 Short Kurti with Jacket

 This short bright orange kurti looks really beautiful and smart, if adorned with right attitude, the accessories and the smart handbags. The long and loose sleeves adds some kind of bold style to it with the blend of the bright or the pastel shades of the color and the jacket style is also amazing. Try wearing this, with the long loop earrings and wedges.

 4. The Beautiful Asymmetrical Kurtis

Asymmetrical Kurtis

This long Aysmmetrical kurti which can be shopped into any kind of light or else dark hued colors, pertaining to the lowers you are going to pair it up with. Wear it with the right kind of high heels and the accessories when going to work. Avoid any kind of shimmery jewellery which gives it a casual look.

5. The Short Boat Neck Kurti with a Slit and Tassels

Neck Kurti with a Slit

This red short, three-forth sleeves kurti looks really smart, chic and happening when worn at the workplaces. It surely get those heads turning and also would give you a certain high of authority and power. Just keep in mind, to wear high heels or else wedges. And avoid the flats. Also, this kurti gives one the flexibility to be wear loose palazzo pants or else straight fit pants under it.

6. The Printed Short Kurti with Long Sleeves

Printed Short Kurti

This is yet another beautiful kurti which exuberates amazing style and smart outlook. This has amazing prints and the figures on it and also those long sleeves, which also tells a lot about your powerful personality.

This one would look really professional in the office with the right kinds of pants and accessories. Indeed, Parineeti Chopra has pulled a very nice look with it!

 7. The Body Fitted Short Straight Cut kurti

Short Straight Cut kurti

This kurti really gets all those heads turning, when worn very smartly with the right kind of footwear, the amazing hued bright shades like bright aqua blue or else the deep blush pink works perfectly at the office workplace.


Thus, these were the stylish Kurtis which would really get a woman that professional outlook and that powerful aura about her. The women really have this enigmatic enthusiasm and the deep dependability on the Indo Western Kurtis, no matter if they are wearing it to a workplace or else a friend’s birthday party.



September 01, 2016 — A B