The auspicious festival season is just round the corner and the need to appear your best comes to remind your wardrobe needs an urgent appraisal to see if you are really ready. Normally, in this period too other traditional and cultural festivals come up to spice up the whole mood. And it is in this period that checking out the wardrobe to ensure it is updated becomes primary and important. Be it designer kurtis or in demand stylish kurtis among other garbs there is enough parallel choice to grow and see your wardrobe attain an eclectic and fascinating stature at these occasions.

1- Sangeet Ceremony;

Sangeet Ceremony

Anarkali Kurtis for Fashionable and Traditional Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet traditionally is a ceremony especially in north Indian weddings although the culture has permeated to other Indian regional cultures like Bengali and South India. It’s the fun-filled moment for the families of the bride and bridegroom to be joined in matrimony to come together and get to know each other in a relaxed setting. It brings a lot of fun, color prior to the actual the marriage day. Sangeet, allows the families to come together and celebrate the impending two young hearts people committing their lives to each other. Relatives from out of state and even out of country gather and bring bits and pieces of their newly adopted cultures. Earlier, Sangeet used to serve as rest from pressure of wedding arrangement. Women of the house prepare the young bride for her impending duties in simple folk songs while reaffirming to her their love. Although common in Hindu, Punjabi and Gujarati weddings it is also a very important time for the bride-to-be and bridegroom-to-be to relish moments they will never forget for a lifetime. And so the bride-to-be’s look, appearance and wardrobe on her last night as an unmarried woman is always given priority. Designer kurtis and stylish kurtis in a range of fabrics may form the base of her choice in clothing finery for the night. 

2-Wedding Day;

Wedding Day

The most important and perhaps most defining day in the brides life has to leave sweet memories as there is always joy and jubilation when the wedding dates are fixed and all is in readiness for the big day. But only one thing remains to be fully and satisfactorily sorted out in your wardrobe. No doubt weddings are synonymous with lehenga’s for the bride and close family members. For invited guests and close friends or even extended relatives there remain options and choices of donning the right saree, or even modern Anarkali kurtis and latest kurtis design. Choosing and getting the best ladies kurti wardrobe for a definitive wedding look can actually bring a versatile and diminutive glow on your appearance and personality.  

3-Puja Time;

Puja Time

The revered time of religious activity like for a morning puja needs an appropriate look that esteems your respect of the temple sanctuary. Therefore, that is why for instance doing Puja is a time of complete respect for all the rituals and rites. Looking presentable and neat in the temple shows not only your value of religious rituals but that you esteem the whole time religious rites.   

4-Festival Season;

Festival Season   

Add Refined Essence in the Festival Seasons

There are several festivals that add and bring a glow to women’s wardrobe collections from traditional to spiritual and religious festivals strewn across the calendar year and period. They are fascinating to go through and affirm which one is best appealing to you. India is known as the land of festivals and keeping or maintaining a diverse and varied kurtis wardrobe is must for women looking for a unique and apt fashion statement for the occasion and festival.              

5-Marriage Anniversary;

Marriage Anniversary    

Marriage anniversaries are times of great joy, fun, thanksgiving and good dressing and looks for the women is an important part of it. Women like to put their best foot forward when it comes to choosing the most appropriate garb in kurti designs. They are fascinated by the various ranges of colors, cuts, designs and styles and above all the motifs and themes from classic embroidery patterns, hand block prints, tie and dye patterns and above all stitching quality. Since marriage anniversaries are times of celebration and to pull out all stops in looking your best.    

6-Kitty Party;

Kitty Party

Rock and Charm the Kitty Party Pushing Up the Style Tempo a Notch

Going for kitty parties means wearing fancy, relaxed or laid back styles that accentuate and fit in with the mood as well as theme of the kitty party. Be it the colors or dress code like ladies kurti, there are limitless ways to make a definitive look and appearance.

7- Mehndi Ceremony and Function

Mehndi Ceremony and Function


Fine Anarkalis and Designer Kurtis for Brand New Looking You

Up the stylish glam factor at the Mehendi ceremony in incredible looking anarkalis and stylish kurtis that make an instant connection with values and significance of the ceremony. Designer kurtis unravel the magnificence and charm of the wearers looks but above all put the primacy of the Mehendi ceremony at the forefront. They are cute, colorful and uniquely designed for glorious look and appearance.

Step up the style tempo at these functions with amazing class and touch in designer kurtis!!

August 20, 2017 — A B