Long-flowy Indian Anarkali suits are customary women clothing that looks awesome on both conventional and contemporary ladies. They have been in-vogue since long and in recent times, their popularity has further increased zillion times due to various reasons While you could easily buy designer anarkali suits online, women often find it difficult to accessorize the anarkali suit the right way. Well no more! Here are our accessorizing and styling tips that will help you out in making your Indian anarkali suits, dresses and kurtis all the way more gorgeous.


The highly embellished and regal Anarkali does not require a lot of accessorizing but, if you buy designer anarkali suits online with barely any embellishment, you have to choose earrings tastefully and delicately to match your outfit. Here is the list for you.

  1. Jhumkis


This traditional Indian Jewelry adds a touch of ethnic splendor and glamor to Indian Anarkali suits. Jhumkis come in various styles, designs and materials and along with that, they are adorned with various colored stones, pearls and gems so that, you can match them with the color of your Anarkali. 

  1. Large Hoops

Large hoops

Large hoops earrings can never go out-of-vogue and they look adorable with all kind of women clothing. These styles of earring are available with or without design and all of them look stunning with georgette anarkali kurtis, dress and suits.

  1. Chandbalis


For cotton anarkali dresses, suits and kurtas, it is the most elegant style of earring. Moreover, it goes good with highly embellished Anarkalis as well. These are generally carved into a gorgeous half-moon shape and add an opulence that further accentuates your look.

  1. Heavily embellished earrings

Heavily embellished earrings

This antique jewelry is something that you would easily find while you buy designer anarkali suits online. They come in various patterns such as peacocks, flowers, petal-shaped and more. Just match the color and print and you’re good to go.

Maang Tika

Maang tika

To steal the limelight while donning Indian Anarkali suits, one definitely needs to try something totally different and enticing like a Maang tika. In India, this is a headpiece jewelry often worn by women during weddings and festivities. It is easy to find various styles and patterns of Maang tika that you can pair with your Indian ethnic women clothing. Just make sure that you pair it wisely and sensibility in terms of pattern, style and color. However, this accessory could not be used for day-to-day wear so, just wear it during festivity and celebrations only.


Generally, Indian Anarkali suits and dresses have well-worked upon necklines and hence, you can wear it without neckpieces. However, cotton anarkali suits, dresses and kurtas without embroidery calls for a statement necklace and here is the list of necklaces you can try.

  1. Long statement necklaces

Long statement necklaces

When you have Indian ethnic outfits in your closet, Long statement necklaces are must have. They are made of beautiful gems, pearls and stones and generally they reach to the waist.  Based on your choice of Anarkali, you can choose this utterly sophisticated neckpiece.

  1. Chokers


Casual chokers are taking the fashion world with a storm and gorgeous ethnic chokers are not far behind. They really go well with Indian anarkali dresses, suits, gowns and kurtis. Made out of engraved jewelry, it has lots of pearls and stone for the extra oomph factor.


If you too believe that shoe can make or break your look, you would obviously be keen on learning what all footwear need to be purchased when we buy designer anarkali suits online. Here is the list for you.  

  1. Mojaris


Traditional Indian footwear with stunning embroidery and ethnic pattern are absolute must-have in every girl’s closet. They are extremely chic and available with intricate detailing and various eye-catching colors. Mojaris can further enhance the grace of your outfit.

  1. High heeled neutral pumps

High heeled neutral pumps

Neutral pumps (be it matte or glossy); they are a shoe closet staple of any modern woman. They are extremely contemporary but, they can make any Indian outfit look elegant and classy. When it comes to Anarkali style of Indian wear, they are good for georgette Anarkali dresses, suits and kurtis and you would definitely look charming with these on.

  1. Embellished wedge heels

Embellished wedge heels

Heels are not comfortable for most of the women and staying in heels for long hours is a tiresome job. In such a case embellished wedge heels come into play as they are comfortable and they do the same trick as heels with Indian anarkali dresses and suits.


With the right accessory, styling and hairstyles, you can make your Anarkali look simply breathtaking and all the heads will turn towards you in appreciation.

March 12, 2018 — A B