The various kinds of prints which one finds on the salwar suits, which have this ability to make you go wavering in your hearts, because of the intrinsic beautiful designs and the patents. The various kinds of designs such as floral themes, forest themes, tribal themes and many more.

Let’s browse through many thematic designs and patterns which are printed on the salwar suits-

1. The Floral Theme

Floral Printed Salwar

    This one theme which is used randomly and deliberately by the designers and the fashion enthusiasts or the women customers. The floral themes might include different kinds of beautiful flowers, the leaf patterns and the stems of the branches roaming around all over the suits.

    2. The Tribal Themes

    Tribal Themes Salwar Suits

      This one is also quite popular with its tribal people designs, along with those abstract designs on the tribal which looks utterly breathtaking with the right blend of the colors and bold designs.

      3. The Animal Prints

      Animal Prints Kurtis

        This one has those popular animal prints, like leopard spots, the tiger stripes, the bold figures of the animals, printed on the salwar suits for the women.

        4. The Abstract Prints

        Abstract Prints

          This one print has many shapes and the color infusions, which just makes it look really attractive to wear.

          5. The Geometrical Prints  

          Geometrical Prints Salwar Suit

          This one is also really popular with its many geometrical fugues ad the patterns, like the square, circle, triangles or any geometrical lines printed on it.

          6. The Digital Prints

          Digital Printed Salwar Suit

          The digital prints has a really propelling attraction towards it, which engulfs this axing curiosity and stay in the people.

          7. The Customized Prints

          Customized Printed salwar Suits

            The customized prints has this amazing thing to offer to the women, who wants the personalized designs printed on it, like the shapes and sized of the patterns they want on the suits.

            8. The Cartoon Prints

            Cartoon Printed Kurtis

              The animated prints is also popular amongst the women, as this adds to the gullibility of the garment and also looks really interesting and attractive at the same time.

              9. The Faded Prints

              Faded Printed Salwar Kurtis

                This “tie and dye” method of splashing colors over the suits materials and give it different shades which looks really beautiful and attractive to wear.

                10. The Gothic Prints

                Gothic Printed Kurtis

                  This one is really beautiful with its death eaters, the splash of blood or else any gothic characters which liven the experience of wearing that special garment.

                  Thus, these are some kind of various popular prints on the salwar suits which really takes the breath away, of the women who wears it. The printed suits really are very popular amongst the women and so does the fashion these days. The fashion which has this enigmatic fire running profusely these days, which makes every woman filled with this livid curiosity to go beyond and explore!


                  September 05, 2016 — A B