How do the celebrity’s do it? How do they manage to look smashing good in all they wear? It’s true we all like to dress up and play the celebrity or famous one in the crowd and group at point of time. And that is not a bad impression to inspire after all who doesn’t want to look great with all the latest designer trends in the wardrobe? This is the point where we realize our wardrobe demands a radical makeover and image resembling the celebrity lifestyle.

Here are some inspired indo western kurtis trends that will keep and inspire your celebrity look week ambitions for an entire week ad even beyond to a month and year.

Designer Kurtis Collection for the Celebrity Look Like Week

Monday – Beige and Orange Hand Block Printed Cape Kurta

 designer cape kurtis

Be fiery fit and raring to go on a brisk start of the work week. Infuse style passion  

Wake up to the supreme colors with mood inspiring ideas of this ready to go to work, stay at home or even a step out for a morning and evening stroll. You feel exquisitely on top of world.

Tuesday – Chevron Block Printed Indigo Kurta

Block Printed Indigo Kurta

Diversify your work life color trends with a choice of versatile and rocking complements.  

Tuesdays are routine follow ups of the most mundane tasks at the office or even college and home. Infuse fire and taste into your work week with these vibrant color tones and fabric textures. Get the infusion of work and life balance in the most eclectic way. You can never go wrong with a tinge of personal matching accessory. 

Wednesday – Bright Pink Kurta with Front Tassels and Belt 

indo western suit set


Midweek you can step back and allow the attention to soak in. Be dignified yet stylish.

Attract all the attention and become the office diva showing off your in control in super highlighted tones. They give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose but bring out your poise and grace.    

Thursday – Beige V-Neck Kurta with Flayered Palazzos

V-Neck Kurta with Flayered Palazzo


Infuse rest and dynamic consistency. Focus on texture as your style message is already sent. 

Tone down the flamboyance with relaxing yet eloquent look fitting kurtis topped with palazzos reflecting your passion to work and rest. You can balance off with some accessory for an impressive tone and texture or carry it plain. This look is pleasant and calming at the same time and makes you feel like an important personality with exclusive individual choice. You can beautifully relax and work.  

Friday - Indigo Blue High Low Mandarin Flat Collar Kurta

Indigo Blue High Low Mandarin Flat Collar Kurta


As the week barrels to an end you are in a relaxed and better mood yet still raring to go on a high note.  Blaze off the work day in this color tone that make you relish the feminine strength within. The feminine emphasis proves you are strong independent and not ashamed of your super cool indo western kurta choices.  

Saturday - Kimono Collar Front Pleated Anarkali Style Kurta

Kimono Collar Front Pleated Anarkali Style Kurta

Stay in trend with a relaxing tone yet vibrant kurti style. You cannot go wrong.

Let the complete fashion diva in you rage with a choice of relaxed tones and designs as you step out to party and have fun with friends and colleagues. Inspire your worst critics to take a bow with a graceful compliment.  It is the best start to a weekend looking forward to all the fun ahead. Chic and super comfortable.

Sunday – Pink and White Hand Block Printed Kurta Set with Palazzo

Printed Kurta with Palazzo

Trend in this picture perfect family get together style. Relax and bask in the calm of togetherness.

A great day to relax at home or go on holiday in super comfortable and mood calming kurti color tones and textures. Grab that novel, magazine, watch a movie or go for nature gazing in cool style temper. Socialize with a style tone that reflects you and captures your understated sensuality. And be the absolute attention for all the perfect choices you make and accessories you choose to adorn.

You can play the celebrity look this week with absolute confidence and perfection inspired by the best of designer kurtis online from Missprint. Make your fascinating style character and taste abound and inspire the right amount of envy and admiration in equal measure.     

April 10, 2017 — A B