Indo western kurtis are like a mid-way of fashion for those who don’t wish to go too Indian or too western. It is the perfect fusion of Indian trends and western styles, giving us the best of both worlds. Designers world over have recreated a traditional Indian dress according to western trends to suit those women who don’t wish to abandon Indian wear, while looking stylish and contemporary at the same time. Indo westerns have endless styling options but it becomes quintessentially important to know what suits you best before laying hands on your favorite kurti style. Even a great designer piece can look totally disastrous if it doesn’t suit your body type.

Here’s a list of how to wear indo western kurtis depending on your body type-

  • Petite or Short Body Type

Petite or Short Body Type

Petite body type women are generally below 5 feet 2 inches in length. Best indo-western style for such a body type would be a short designer kurta paired with straight long cigarette pants that would focus the attention on the lower body and give a false impression of longer legs.

Also, such women can try vertical stripes printed indo western suit sets, as they instantly add drama and length to the wearer’s personality. Such women should steer clear of horizontal stripes as they make you look wider. Also, avoid adding anything on the waists such as belts as they seem to divide the body into equal halves.

Deep plunging v-necklines are perfect for short women as it exposes the neck area and gives the impression of height. It is advisable for women with petite body type to wear stilettos, wedges or pumps along with any outfit. Also, going bottomless along with tunic style kurtis can be a great option to elongate the lower body.

  • Pear Shape Body Type

Pear Shape Body Type

Women with a pear shaped body type have a heavier lower body in comparison to the upper body. Such women should wear indo western kurtis in a-line style, anarkali style or angarkha style as they would give the impression of a balanced proportion and make one look slimmer. Anything with little flared bottom.

Kurtis or suits with heavy embellishments on the neck line or an exposing neck line can do wonders to the whole look of such women. Opt for darker tones for the lower body. Basically, anything that would draw attention to the upper body would work perfectly for women with a pear shaped body. Steer clear of body hugging kurti fabrics or any apparel with more design on the lower part. Also avoid wearing short kurtas that end near the hip line as it would give the impression of an unbalanced figure. 

Famous personalities with such body types are Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Sonam Kapoor. Keep a close eye on how these divas style their outfits to fake a fit body.

  • Apple Shaped Body Type

Apple Shaped Body Type

Women with apple shaped body have a heavier upper body in comparison to the lower body and generally have lesser toned arms. Such women should wear kaftan style indo western kurtis as they have a relaxed silhouette on the top. Also, try wearing clothes with minimum work or embellishments on the top and maximum attention towards the bottom. Palazzos, skirts or bell-bottom trousers can give the impression of a balanced proportion for women with apple shaped body types.

It is advisable to avoid plunging deep necklines, spaghetti style kurtis, ruffled neckline or off-shoulders as they would draw attention towards the upper body. Also, avoid wearing high waist bottoms or skirts.

  • Athletic Body Type

Athletic Body Type

Women with athletic body type have minimum or no curves, i.e., their top, waist and bottom are in one straight line. Such women should swear by indo western kurtis in tight or body hugging fabrics as it would accentuate their waist line. Printed kurtis with stylish patterns would help fake the impression of a curvy body. Also, adding belts or other waist accessories can be helpful in highlighting the mid-section. A short printed kurti with high-waist jeans should be the fashion wardrobe staple for women with athletic body types.

Also, baggy kurtis and tunics should be avoided by such women. Famous celebs with such body type are Deepika Padukone and Keira Knightly.

  • For All Body Types

For All Body Types

Certain indo western kurti styles are a blessing as they suit women with all body types and do not have to be analyzed before buying. Long kurti style evening gowns fall under such category. Certain other factors such as color, size of the heels, neckline and embellishments can be worked out depending on the body type.

October 07, 2016 — A B