Looking for the most versatile women clothing? Well, the long ethnic skirts are the safest bet undoubtedly as they could be worn both as traditional outfit and contemporary attire.  Moreover, they are stable in the fashion world from a very long time as there are multiple styles that could be achieved using these. The swirls and twirls enhance its feminine charm making it all the way more adorable among fashion divas. To make your love for traditional ethnic skirts more prominent, here we are with some innovative and unique ideas to wear your ethnic skirts uniquely.

With Crop Tops

With crop tops

If you have beautiful belly, we are confident that you have stunning crop tops in your closet for sure as they help you to flaunt your belly beauty. Being versatile clothing, they could be paired with jeans, Sarees, lehengas and even the traditional long ethnic skirts. A simple yet effective dressing style, the pairing of crop tops and traditional skirts imparts a lavish flare combined with sensuous flair.

With Ethnic Kurtis

For all the celebrations and festivals, you always look for something great to wear and for this reason; the unique combination of ethnic kurtis and traditional skirt came into being. You can choose the design and color of the kurtis according to the design and color of your skirt. With heavily embellished skirt and kurtis, you would be all set to look stunning in any celebration.

With Vest and Jacket

Finding something unique for casual outing is quite a task but, you can create one by pairing your ethnic long skirt with vest and jacket. You can either pair a denim jacket with your skirt for modernized attire or a traditional jacket with it for a traditional ensemble. Solid colored vests would balance out the colorful flair of your skirt and jacket.

With shirts

With shirts

Creating a quirky indo western ensemble with your long traditional skirts is an effortless thing if you team it up with your favorite button-down shirt from your closet. Highly popular among the working women, Bollywood celebs and date mongers, this style of ensemble has some serious beauty that is loved by everyone.

With Tee

In case you want to assure the most effortless style for yourself using these stylish yet traditional ethnic printed skirts, all you need is your favorite Tee. The brightest tee would make the best pair and by adding ankle boots and sneakers in this combo, you would be able to assure a glamorous look for you that would be appreciated by everyone.

With Ethnic Tops

With Ethnic Tops

You can wear it traditionally by paring the flowy flair of ethnic long skirts with their traditional counterpart, ethnic tops. Carrying a dupatta with it would ensure that it creates an unbeatable look for you that you can pull during your festivals and family get together.

With Peplum tops

Layered styles are popular styles and acquiring one with these skirts is easy when you pair it with beautiful and trending peplum tops. The structured look achieved with this combination is really amazing and you would fall in love with its layered vibes.

With Poncho

Once popular ponchos are back to add a little innocence and extra frills in women clothing. You can spiff up the beauty of ethnic skirts by combining it with currently trending ponchos. To make it even sassier, you can add a designer belt around your waistline or even you can tuck your poncho in.

With Lace Tops

There is nothing better to team up with traditional ethnic skirts than the lace tops if you have the desire to stun everyone. The sheer lace tops are in rage these days and they are ideal for summer season. While wearing this combination, you can add high heel footwear and stylish neckpiece to further enhance its grace.

May 31, 2018 — A B