The style redefined with the ethnic wear, which has a western touch about it, really enshrines upon your fashion sense and encumbers a way into your heart. Thus the Indo Western Kurtis which are really comfortable yet chic for all the women, in the fashion era. There are a lot of styles of the salwar kameez which really incites a woman shopper to ‘shop till it drops’.

The various types of the Kurtis which includes the styles, the categories, the various work designs.

The different styles of indo western Kurtis are-

1.    The Straight Cut Kurtis

The straight cut Kurtis which are really preferred and beautiful for all the women. The Straight Kurtis are in various lengths, like ankle lengths, mid lengths or knee lengths straight cut Kurtis.
These ones can be worn in any kind of occasions, depending upon the amount of work detailing done on it.

2.    The Abaya Style Kurtis

The Abaya styled Kurtis are really beautiful with its billowy, full ankle length kameez. This one is mainly considered Pakistani wear Kurtis.

3.    The Twin Layered Kurtis

The twin layered Kurtis which are really beautiful with its twin layered skirts and seldom preferred by the women in great amounts.

4.    The Heavy Yoke Kurtis

The heavy yoke which includes amazing amount of detailing of embroidery, say in resham work, thread work, mirror work, and patch work or else sequins work. Mainly the heavy yoke salwar kameez are worn on some formal occasions because of its heavy outlook.

5.    The Anarkali Style Kurtis

This one is also really famous amongst the women folks because of its frock like pattern. The amazingly crafted suit has the enigma of luring the woman to wear it and flaunt it stylishly in any kind of occasions.

6.    The Asymmetric Kurtis

These ones have a very modern style and outlook, and also is preferred by the women. Those hose ones can also be worn in any kind of occasion, formal or informal.

7.    The Angrakha Styled Kurtis

The Angrakha styled Kurtis are also the ones which has this affinity to be worn by the women folks because of its 90s era style and the different outlook.

8.    The Designer Kurtis

The designer kurtis which includes the heavy detailing and bold cuts of the fabrics which is really beautiful and amazing to wear by the women.

9.    The contemporary Style

The contemporary styled Kurtis which incites a really ethnic feel about it and can be worn in the bridal functions, engagements, receptions and the parties.

10.     The Jacket Style Kurtis

This one is yet another very dynamic and newly added style pattern in the fashion world, which has the pattern, to incite a woman in great lengths. This one is attached or else worn on the kameez, which looks really different and amazing.

11.     The Punjabi Suits

The Punjabi suits, which includes the Patiala and the short length or knee length Kurtis, which is really in trend because of its easy availability and the abstract color shades which gives a really chic feel about it.

12.     The Bollywood Styled Kurtis

This category is yet another exciting one, which includes all those ethnic and modern style wear western kurtis, which has been inspired from the Bollywood actresses who can act as the perfect ideal for the women who are really inspired from the Bollywood fashion.

Thus, these Indo Western Kurtis fashion which is available with many varieties at once and also curates an amazing feel inside you, to be dynamic and innovative in trying up new trends all the time.


September 07, 2016 — A B