When a woman is out to fulfill her shopping desires or follow her shopaholic tendencies then she truly sees herself, at the battleground. A battleground where every shop owner is literally fighting, scratching their selves and smacking each other, to get that woman to come to them! Yes, that’s what happens when you want to make money!  

But, do these marketers think of this woman, who is oblivious to these crucial bloodshed wars going on? Are they able to see her genuine smile when she come across a dress which she dearly admires, the joy she feels on finding it and that immense relief when she gets to know that she can have it!

For a customer, it’s very important to strike a balance between her desires being fulfilled and also to fulfill those desires at the best possible price she can get it!


So, what is this best possible price?

Is it the kind when the customer has a smile on her face when you handle them their final, chosen product in a shiny bag? Or is it when that customer keeps coming back to your store for more?

If you are a great marketer then you’ll know that’s it the latter one, we are talking about!

MissPrint is the one garment store which caters to you the price, which do both the things, mentioned above. It brings that satisfied smile on your customer’s face and also put all your worries to rest, with the best price they offer you!

But, what is really different with this clothes brand MissPrint and the other e-commerce websites such as flipkart or else Myntra?

The difference lies in the “Consumer Price” they offer you. As flipkart and Myntra has a range of diverse set of products, from all the kind of vendors from around the place, this site MissPrint  sells you the products, especially “Manufactured’ by them.


Now, you would think that there must be some difference in the quality, quantity or the customer satisfactory factors?

Yes that’s a good doubt which every other customer pertains to think! But, what a customer misses to think over, is that MissPrint is the kind of a brand, which operates with a ‘research based’ approach.

They diabolically research the latest trends amongst the women, who are interested in the ethnic wear products like the printed Designer Kurtis, the cotton suit sets, the contemporary style suits pieces and many more which falls in the category of “ethnic wear for women”.

This research based approach really appeals to every women in a manner where they know that their needs are being taken care of!   

While the flipkart and other such websites offer a kind of a price, where they happen to raise the prices of each product to get that extra little ‘monetary benefit’ for themselves. Which is kind of a very selfish act!

Missprint, by their research and own manufacturing unit, offers you a wide range of products which pertains to study your needs and desires to the point that you have your ultimate balance strike between being happy and satisfied!

Be a Smart Shopper!

So, instead of getting ‘bugged” by the other sellers online, be real assertive and a smart shopper when it comes to investing your money!

The ecommerce has really outgrown its usage to the point of great exploitation.

The exploitation on the ‘needs & greed’ of a consumer. But, here, we the Missprint doesn’t do that to you. We are here to take care of those ‘needs & greed ‘for you and provide you with the products which your heart desires.

Thus, because of its reasonable price, great quality and also amazing efficiency in supplying your needful products, the seller doesn’t need to get into any marketable campaigns or else the techniques like the “sale on the products or the Diwali sale/ off season sale or the win a lottery” types, which are there to just distract the customer and lure them into buying a product with ostentatious price.


Care about your Money!


We, the Missprint are quite sincere about our approach! We want that woman to smile at the window pane to see that dress, to come inside, and genuinely be interested in its quality ,texture and the color and not any fancy sign tagged there which says “off season sale”.


 We care about our customers! But the question here is, do you care about your money?


September 24, 2016 — A B