Missprint Fair Trade And Corporate Social Responsibility

What Is The Missprint Fair Trade Concept?

Missprint mega minds have always been on a journey to discover new places, new comfortable vibrant styles and vivid cultures. It is in this process that they come across several unique and ancient artisan handicrafts that sure should be preserved.

Missprint is always ready to fair trade those ancient handicrafts and embroidery artisans to be popularized in the whole fashion world. They get those interior village exquisite handicrafts blended into contemporary fashion apparels for you which are comfortable and boho at the same time.

By fair trade, Missprint upholds to conserve and promote the traditional and culture milieu of the various interiors of the world where vintage folklore craft form exists.

What Is Our Corporate Social Responsibility?

CSR simply means to have a cyclic routine of success and happiness. In other words, CSR activities are performed by Missprint to realize and respect the ancient handicrafts and art forms that been utilized in producing our contemporary and comfortable boho fashion line from different parts of the world.

We visualize and actualize the principles of “sustainable development” in every action here at Missprint. We try to improvise and inculcate our fair trade and corporate social responsibility for betterment and holistic development of each individual who comes in touch with us.

Following are the current CSR parameters; Missprint is involved in every day.

  • We provide optimized training to every person working with us.
  • Missprint maintains the principle of equal opportunity for both genders. We also conduct women upliftment workshops and seminars.
  • As we are committed to the principle of “sustainable development”, we help undertake proper treatment to the waste produce generated during the manufacturing process.
  • We are also in complete compliance with the ‘Labor Laws’ and we are strong advocators of anti-child labor in our company.
  • Each individual who works for us does it on their own free will.
  • We are committed to provide optimized and safe working conditions to our production workforce.
  • We uphold the principle of paying our related producers in advance, so that we remove the issue of debt bondage in the interior village crafts persons.
  • We provide regular work and as per national law holidays in the respective countries.
  • Missprint is also persistently involved in creating awareness for the need to recognize the traditional arts and crafts of interiors and rural areas of the world.

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