The sheer mention of anarkali cotton kurtis gets the adrenaline of style inclined women racing with anticipation of fascinating styles and exotic embroidery patterns to match. Printed anarkali kurtis are loved for the sheer fusion and eclectic mix of Indian style and design. And since embroidery has always been a part of Indian ethnic kurti styling and making, it adds a unique sense of accomplishment to the overall look and feel of these kurti fascinating kurti designs.

Below we present some prominent Indian ethnic embroidery patterns that will get your heart pumping and racing from the sheer appeal and attraction of their intricate patterns.

1- Zardozi Embroidery

Zardozi Embroidery 

Zardozi embroidery originates from Persia and is an ancient art of sewing gold and silver threads on colorful printed fabrics. Zar stands for gold whereas dozi means gold. This gold thread embroidery style and technique is an erstwhile method applied in embellishing and doing artistic work with printed thread on royal garments. Original Zardozi work used gold, silver threads, pearls, precious stones and unique fabrics choices.

2- Gotta Patti Embroidery

Gotta Patti Embroidery 

Using applique technique, this ethnic and indo western dress embroidery form is famous for its elaborate patterns. Gotta mean’s gold or silver threads that are used most of the time notably from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Originally, ethnic dresses with this embroidery pattern were used for auspicious and spiritual occasions. Gotta Patti is done using appliqué method on strips of gold, silver or other color ribbons in diverse size woven in a satin or twill weave. It involves placing woven gold cloth onto fabrics to make different surface textures

3- Rajasthani Patchwork

Rajasthani Patchwork

Simply chic, beautiful and feminine

Besides a host of sophisticated arts and crafts this state is famous for, the rustic charm of Rajasthani patchwork is a basic craft that stitches together small pieces of cloth in a decorative pattern to form the topmost layer of the piece with layers of cloth padding underneath.

4- Phulkari


Making the Stitch Unique and Expressive

Originating from Punjab, Phulkari is one of the most famous embroidery styles. Phulkari is the embroidery of flower motifs on fabric. This embroidery pattern is quite unique as stitches embroidered on the reverse part of cloth makes designs come in the front. Preferred fabrics used are usually hand-spun or natural-dye khadi cloth. Contrast pattern of bright color on lighter color fabrics is what makes this embroidery unique.

5- Chikankari


Premium, Besotting and Fascinating

Chikankari embroidery style is widely thought to have been introduced by Nur Jehan, Mughal emperor Jahangir’s queen. Chikankari started as a type of white-on-white embroidery and today uses several fabric and color types. This includes white threads embroidered on soothing pastels to coloured silk threads.

6- Kantha Embroidery

Kantha Embroidery

Let the Colours of Nature Sing a Lullaby 

Originating especially from South Asia and typical in Bengal and Odisha and Bangladesh, Kantha is known for its simplicity and artistic detail. Kantha is depicted with colorful motifs of nature including birds, animals, flowers and common daily activity in running stitch format with short gaps. Kantha embroidery today is seen on variety of ethnic dress items like kurtas and sarees etc.

7- Kashidakari Embroidery

Kashidakari Embroidery

Elegant with Finesse and Eloquence

Kashidakari is a Kashmiri type of embroidery inspired by the beauty of Kashmir. Kashidakari uses wide variety of flora to scheme its beautiful motifs. Amazingly, human and animals aren’t part of this embroidery style. Kashidakari is famous for using simple chain stitches.

8- Aari Embroidery

Aari Embroidery

Aari embroidery also called crewel work is a specialty of Kashmiri artisans. It is created in fine common middle point rings of chain stitch using long hooked needle called the crewel. It is a form of very fine embroidery involving rich floral motifs liked by the royals.

9- Mirror Work Embroidery

Mirror Work Embroidery

Applying the Mirror Effect

Mirror work or shisha is quite famous in both Rajasthan and Gujarat. Done in three variations of hand blown shisha, machine cut shisha and shisha embroidery it quite unique because of using mirrors and colorful threads.

10- Applique Embroidery

Applique Embroidery

Conventionally unique and special applique embroidery uses a surface pattern on top of an existing fabric. Thus the name applique which means in French to apply. Although fairly new to some dress styles it is quite famous in Indian ethnic dress styles.   

For a worthwhile anarkali kurti online shopping adventure, enjoy the diversity of expressive embroidery styles that add ethnic touch and design.

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