Are you planning some trips or have travel plans lined up for coming seasons? It is obvious we all like travel and especially in India travel is a time to relish all the fun and joys either with family, colleagues, friends, in-laws and all sorts of social circles we interact with. And when it comes to dressing up for women, some have stuck with traditional womens kurtis and others with new western dress fashions. However, there is always something extra stylish about the timeless and ageless kurtis that sets them apart when travelling. From sheer comfort, relaxation to the ethnic chic stylish vibes they exude.

Below we look at some latest kurti styles that will add unique sentiment and feeling to your travels, picnics, excursions and trips whatever the season.      

1- Kaftan Style Kurtis

Kaftan Style Kurtis

When you are at ease you can take in all the interesting sights and things that you want to experience on the road, on train, on an airplane or at sea. This adds fun and more enjoyment factor. It makes you feel totally flamboyant, stylish, relaxed and comfortable in your skin and element.

Style Factor; casual and semi casual

Favorite Travel Season; summer, autumn and spring

2- Shirt Style Kurtis

Shirt Style Kurtis

Short or long shirt style kurtis have fired a new imagination and dress style for young and old women alike. And for the younger women they are the classic look that makes them look chic, cool and stylish on any journey totally in control and at ease.

Style Factor; casual, relaxed

Favorite Travel Season; all season wear

3- Indo Western Style Kurtis

Indo Western Style Kurtis 

Indo western kurtis are the new spring in every woman’s wardrobe arsenal of notable dress pieces that mark her out for uniqueness. They are styled to make a unique distinction in the collection for their style fusion and mix. Indo westerns can really be rocking in a range of motifs, themes and designs.

Style Factor; casual, relaxed

Favorite Travel Season; all season

4- Sleeveless Style Kurtis

Sleeveless Style Kurtis

Who doesn’t love the idea of some sun on the skin that makes you feel totally at ease and allow the flow of air to go by? Especially in the summers and humid areas a little sun and cool can be great relaxant.

Style Factor; casual, relaxed

Best Travel Season; summer, spring, autumn

5- Block Print Style Kurtis

Block Print Style Kurtis

Discover the unrivaled charm of travelling covered in the exquisite appeal of fine apparel and best distinguished colors that add uniqueness to your looks. The multiple colors inspired by many artistic designs are an enduring pointer to great craftsmanship.

Style Factor; ethnic, traditional and casual  

Best Travel Season; all season

6- Assymmetrical Style Kurtis

Assymmetrical Style Kurtis

What is more characteristic about the asymmetrical look is its cool fashion quotient. Travel is all about relaxing and cutting down the stress and just having a blast (fun and frolic). This kurtis essays the funky swag and trend when on any trip with friends, family or colleagues. Just get the colors right and let the fun begin. 

Style Factor; casual, relaxed

Best Travel Season; all season

7- Side Cut Style Kurtis

Side Cut Style Kurtis

You can add amazing glamour and trendy relaxed appeal to your overall travel look with this high spirited and lively stylish kurti for a complete comfortable travel look. They are meant to achieve the cool, comfortable and chic aspirations.

Style Factor; casual, comfortable and comfy

Best travel Season; summer, spring and autumn

8- Boat Neck Style Kurtis

Boat Neck Style Kurtis

Boat necks are just the right way to relax and allow maximum feel of the elements sweep by like air, sun and sometimes even a slight rainy breeze on journey or travel. They are just cut to right size around the neckline with impressive comfort levels.

Style Factor; casual, relaxed and sporty

Best Travel Season; monsoon, summer, spring, autumn and winter

9- Angrakha Style Kurtis

Angrakha Style Kurtis

They are just ethnically right to send all the modest and premium embodiments of great feel on any travel excursion. With the Indian dress sensibility accustomed to traditional dress Angrakha style kurti simply makes any woman shine with brilliant traditional dress.

Style Factor; casual, ethnic and relaxed 

Best Travel Season; all seasons 

10- Denim Style Kurtis

Denim Style Kurtis 

No doubt denim always adds a sense of adventure in the wardrobe with the variety that allows for exquisite dress especially in the cold seasons. Lighter denims can still be worn in the other seasons. Denims are also fairly easy to match and can brighten any dull wardrobe. 

Style Factor; casual, relaxed

Best Travel Season Wear; winter

With this selection in travel wear kurtis for ladies you are able to sail through any adventure with a timeless appeal and relaxed look.

July 18, 2017 — A B