The sweltering and scorching heat of summer may have left many fashionable women wondering where to find respite in such intense times of the weather.  For stylish women, who find it hard to get what to wear either going out to work, what to wear to the office party or even what to adorn for that grace inspired look for the family get together indo western style kurtas are a gracious saviour. It is obvious style is a dress statement and a way of saying who you are minus uttering anything.  Most public appearances require modest fashions which are subtle but fully loaded and imbued with exquisite stylishness. Amidst the summer season collections there are several indo western kurtas options for a comfortable feel and dress sense. Summer season also brings innumerable variety of indo western kurtis as it is the best time to explore personal style and flair and let the fashionista and style aficionado within come out and express her perfect and pristine kurti tastes.

When you choose indo western style kurtis to make you look extra perfect as well as complement your wardrobe and closet these are some perfect fitting and body type kurtis. For they are refined, precise, perfect and themed according to various motifs and backgrounds.

Indo Western Kurtis for Comfortable and Stylish Summer

1-Beige / Brown and Rust High Low Indo Western Kurti

Beige / Brown and Rust High Low Indo Western Kurti

Crafted in sedate tones and shades for a more comfortable, cool and collected feel the cotton based kurti avails superior comfort with lots of breathable fabric and style. With the colorful beige / brown and rust color there are several other design aspects like sleeve and front tassels, hand block prints, modern characteristic high low styling in eloquent finish. Bring style variation to summer.

2- Blue /Beige High Low Indo Western Kurti

Blue /Beige High Low Indo Western Kurti    

There is absolute fantastic fusion of design, style and all the colors that enable this indo western kurti product shine through with magnificent finish. Done in the best of cotton fabrics, fine hand block prints enamoring rust color tassels on front and on the sleeves, high low styling and the enhanced fittings for a unique indo western look.

3- Blue & White Hand Block Printed Embroidered Indo Western Kurta

Blue & White Hand Block Printed Embroidered Indo Western Kurta

Finished in eye catching color tones as well as spot on hand block prints this indo western kurta adds the right style significance to any wardrobe. It brings out character in the elements like perfect color tone, rhyme and matching, the resonant high low styling and the magnificent charms of incredible fitting and stitch for a flawless summer looks and appearances.    

4- Blue Hand Block Printed Embroidered Indo Western Kurta

Blue Hand Block Printed Embroidered Indo Western Kurta

Styled and designed to make a grand sweeping new style in Indigo hand block prints this indo western kurta breathes and ushers refreshment into the wardrobe and closet for a refined dress statement. The kurtis breaks stereotypes with evocative fabric art which summarily captures the summer feelings and mood. The attractive embroidery on the cuff, collar and yoke design are detailed and inspiring. And in the right 100% cotton there is absolute fanciful and stylish experience in the summer of relaxed comfort.

5- White and Blue Hand Block Print Indo Western Kurta

White and Blue Hand Block Print Indo Western Kurta

Comfort and trendy style fused together in this indo western kurta make a defining point with amazing excitement for a completely refreshing and cool summer style. With the articulate color combination, the echoing theme and motifs, solid stitched hemline and cuffs, vibrant color covered buttons and the fine collar fitting that add refreshing presence and styling.     

Basic Styling Aspects that Highlight Indo Western Summer Collections and Styles

Unique Colors, Themes and Motifs; basic foundations that give the kurtis enhanced styling and design.

Quality Fabrics and Materials; unique natural, comfortable and durable quality fabrics that provide long periods of usage.

Excellent Embroidery, Stitch and Finish; the best and finest levels of fabric embroidery that elicit awe and admiration.

Magnificent Indo Western Style Fusion; dual combination of Indian and western style design sensibility makes a defining style statement.          

Make this summer refreshed with a vibrant and eloquent indo western kurtis style statement. Whatever your choice there is a sufficient assortment of indo western kurtis styles online to pick from to make this summer a comfortable and stylish affair.  

June 19, 2017 — A B