A gorgeous melange of the traditional Indian and western trends, Indo western kurtis - kurtas and suit sets are fashion forward and outrageous in the ever-changing world of vogue. There is no rule book to swear by when it comes to indo westerns as you can get as inventive with a fusion dress as you wish to. Designers world over have woken up to this fashion benefit of indo western kurtis and are time and again innovating with styles to create outfits that leave a trail of admiration and set out a rage amongst fashioners. While the indo western kurti collection is filled with statement pieces, it is always best to know some few guidelines before you lay your hands on one.

Here are the 7 power shopping tips for indo western kurtis

  • Create A List

Create a List 

Indo-western kurtis come in a number of styles such as a-line, c-cut, tail cut, high low style, anarkali style, front open, side slit, halter neck, off-shoulder, etc. These styles are crafted from the finest fabrics in designer prints. So much of choice often leaves you confused and baffled when you’re out there shopping indo-westerns. Thus, it is best advised to do your homework and create a list of the styles and designs you want and the ones that best suit you. This would help you get into any regretful purchases or wasteful shopping experiences. Maintain your updated list of necessary kurtis you wish to own for various occasions and keep checking off the ones you shop. A list will help you stay clear of your shopping goals especially when marketers lure you into buying wrong styles of indo-western kurtis.

  • Know What’s Hot

indo western kurtis

Now this is essentially the work of a stylist but if you can’t seem to afford one, then you can also keep a check on all the hot selling and upcoming trends of indo-western kurtis. Since indo-western kurti styles can get really creative and innovative, they keep changing quickly. To keep pace with this fast-changing world of fashion, stay updated using fashion magazines, fashion kurti blogs and style bloggers’ closets. You can also look up to the tinsel town fashion divas and socialites to know what’s hot in the indo-western kurti trends. Preview various brands’ collections and try few pieces before laying hands on your final outfit.

Also make sure that the kurtis you shop are not only hot selling and in rage but also match with your social calendar and upcoming events.

  • Be Open To New Fashion Trends

Indo western kurtis

The world of fashion is all about change and freshness. Every other day you can find a new style of indo western kurtis, kurtas or tunics creating a story somewhere in the world. If you always stay stuck in the traditional and cliche styles of kurtis, your fashion sense can become stale and super mundane, thus badly reflecting on your personality. In order to stay ahead of the indo-western fashion curve, make sure you are flexible to new styles and don’t shy away from showing off some skin. Be keen on infusing new silhouettes and colors of indo western kurtis in your daily wardrobe. Uncommon colors of indo western dresses such as teal blue or mustard yellows add a dash of newness to your aura and make you stand out from the crowd. Thus, always shop for crisp new trends of kurtis.

  • Consider Kurtis That Suit Various Seasons

indo western kurtis

Have you ever thought that you need to rework your entire wardrobe on arrival of a new season if you don’t put thought while shopping? Different seasons demand different fabrics and colours. However, some pieces stand the wrath of time and slay all seasons. The best indo-western kurtis are ones that suit various seasons and can take you from summers to winters with bare minimum effort. For example- an ethnic indo-western kurti worn with leggings during winters, which can also be worn as a tunic bottomless kurti during sultry summers, is a great piece for your wardrobe.

  • Know The Fit


It goes without saying that even the worst piece of clothing can look elegant if it’s in the right fit and even the best apparels can go wrong if purchased in the wrong sizes. Be aware and attentive of the size of an indo western kurti, especially while shopping online. Keep your up-to-date measurements handy and try on different sizes before you lay hands on your favorite kurti or salwar suit. For online shopping, always keep in mind that a size guide will be your best friend.

Whatever indo western kurtis you shop, make sure you love yourself in them!

October 26, 2016 — A B