Fashion Is Ever-Changing, Style Is Eternal!

When it comes to trying new trends in festive kurtis, one’s spoilt for choice as there are endless numbers of fashion new-ins that one can add to a kurti. A kurti is a traditional Indian wear that celebrates the essence of being a woman. Kurtis have forever been on the radar of designers and the top-notch stylists have time and again re-worked their charm on a classic kurti to suit the tastes of modern women. Festive kurtis are high on glamour, bling and style coupled with a tinge of feminism and elegance. Here are the five newest trends that are hot in this year’s haute couture.

  • Collars From The Victorian Era

Trust our ancestors when it comes to fashion for they knew the utter essence of the word ‘royal’. The Victorian era, named after Queen Victoria, has loads of fashion inspiration to steal from. In the Victorian era, ruffled collars, ruffled sleeves and puffed sleeves were a rage as they added a touch of class to any dull outfit. These remarkable styles add character to any garment and ace up the fashion a-game. One can experiment with different kinds of ruffles and puffs when it comes to Indian kurtis. One can also adopt the trend of huge, flowing dresses from the Victorian era and show the world who the queen is!

  • Whimsical Prints Kurtis

While traditional prints and embroidery are evergreen, it’s about time you give those classics a break and bring on your style with playful & whimsical prints of flowers, fairies, animals, brids, etc. One can also design a kurti with prints of gorgeous landscapes and tall skyscrapers. These add a whole new dimension to the wearer’s individuality. Although such prints are a rage, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. The bold whimsical prints can be pulled off only by an equally strong personality. So make sure that the styles you choose best compliment your aura.  

  • Bold V-necks Kurtis

Plunging deep V-necks look utterly sensuous and feminine, with a lot of skin-show. Although this trend is more popular in western dresses, many tinsel town divas and fashion connoisseurs can be seen adopting a plunging v-neckline in jacket style kurtis and long evening wear kurtis. This trend in kurtis is the most effective way to easily jazz up a basic dress. Plunging necklines are best paired with structured silhouette and make an impeccable choice for off-duty looks and parties. It’s advisable to avoid this bold look for work.

  • Mixing And Matching Kurtis

A jacket style festive kurti looks great when paired with a lehenga, but have you ever thought of pairing it with a dhoti? Well, a very chic way to slay a long, front open jacket is by pairing it with the traditional dhoti. Gone are the days when dhotis were a thing of men only. As many Bollywood divas such as Karishma Kapoor can be seen rocking this style. Such a style is best paired with stilettoes and high ponytail. For this look, high neck kurtis are the best option. Similarly, you can mix and match many different trends to create your own unique style statement.

  • Statement Accessory

A statement piece can do wonders to your whole outfit. Bold pieces such as a striking kundan necklace, a stylishly huge ring or a chic arm candy can effortlessly jazz up a basic kurti or kurta. One needs to be really experimenting and trying out new accessories to slay the style statement. A deep burgundy clutch or sleek golden belts are some of the accessory must haves for all the fashion-forward ladies. 



October 27, 2016 — A B