Kurtis are a traditional Indian wear that accentuate the beauty of women. Kurtis come in a lot of sizes and styles and are crafted from fabrics such as cottons, linens, silk, khadi, etc. Out of these, the cotton kurtis are most celebrated due to their soft texture and highly absorbent properties. Cotton kurtis make an impeccable choice for the scorching hot Indian summers and can be worn to parties, events, social gatherings, work, meetings, etc.

Here are the 8 styles of cotton kurtis to try right away! 

  • High Collar Neckline (Chinese Collar)

High collar kurtis look super classy and chic and make the prefect choice for formal meetings and official gatherings. A high collar kurti can be worn by women of all ages and body types. This neckline is also popularly known as chinese collar and can be customized according to personal preferences. 

  • Peter Pan Collar Neckline

Peter Pan collar neckline in kurtis looks super chic and feminine. This neckline style has been adopted from the western vintage styles and was popularly used in young girls’ frocks. It is suggested to avoid wearing anything in the neck while flaunting a Peter Pan collar neckline. Also, ditch your traditional dupatta with a Peter Pan collar neckline kurti. 

  • Crew Neckline

Crew neckline is influenced from men’s t-shirts. It is different from a round neckline in the sense that the neck is not deep, encircling the neckline at the top. The edges of such a neckline look best when embellished with embroidery or detailing. A kurti with embellished crew neckline makes a great choice for evening wear or parties. It is advisable to avoid wearing anything in the neck while flaunting a designer crew neckline. 

  • Scoop Neckline

The scoop neckline derives its name from its ice-cream scoop shape. Cotton kurtis with a scoop neckline are suitable for people with narrow shoulders or short neck as it gives an impression of a balanced proportion and makes one’s shoulders look broader. 

  • Square Neckline

Square neckline is one style that is evergreen and still can be seen adopted the most on kurtis and suit sets. This classic trend suits every body type. One can adopt a square neckline to tone down a pear shaped figure. It is advisable to not wear square neck suit if you have a square face. One can find a range of square neckline kurtis, kurtas and suit sets online. 

  • Jewel Neckline

Jewel neckline kurtis are pretty similar to a round neckline. A jewel neckline has a lot of add-ons and detailing around the neck, almost reaching till the shoulders. It appears like wearing a piece of jewellery around your neck. Kurtis in a jewel neckline are best suited for women with large busts as it helps hide volume and give the false impression of toned figure. 

  • The keyhole Neckline

The keyhole neckline is a hot pick. It derives its name from its keyhole shape. This neckline is not widely used, thus making it a great choice for the days you wish to dress audacious and make an immaculate style statement. Many women’s clothing stores online offer this unique neckline in a wide range of kurtis, kurtas, suits and more. 

  • Halter Neckline

Inspired from the western culture, halter neckline kurtis are perfect for women with toned arms and shoulders. A halter neck kurti is best suited as a casual or beach wear or when you wish to hangout with your friends on a sultry hot day. This type of a neck is suspended with ties at the back and exposes a major part of the shoulders, thus giving a feminine and delicate touch to your whole look.

November 24, 2016 — A B