The distinct fashion trends which exuberate an elegance about the women, involved and submerged into styling it rhetorically. The Bollywood fashion has always been a great source for deriving some kind of the inspiration from there. The women, nowadays look up to their favorite style icons from the Bollywood era, whose different and glamorous fashion just instill these seeds of designer style and make them shop in a smart manner!

Also, really in trend, nowadays the indo blue Kurtis are being shopped on a large basis, these days. The bright hued color which always go with every kind of the occasion & always have this affinity towards the fashion.

One can always gauge, what the ultra-sexy and fashionista Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor wears. Her distinct style, that magnetic aura and that sheer elegance with which she personifies her exuberant personality, all speaks in huge manifolds with the women out there! 

So, let’s all gather around and let’s look upon the Indigo blue kurtis Collection which Sonam Kapoor has worn, many a times-

Let’s derive some inspiration from this Indigo Blue Ankle Length Anarkali Kurti

indigo blue kurti

The ethnic burst of colors, the smart cuts, the elegant designs, the smart designer looks and that impalpable embroidery which consist of zari work, the sequin work, the thread work and resham work.

The famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor looks extravagant in this indigo blue color Anarkali suit, which is caricatured with such beautiful designs and figures, all designed by the famous designers for the actress. This ethnic garment can be worn in any kind of bridal functions, the Engagements functions, the Reception functions or else the festive occasions. One can pair this up with a good clutch, a tall pair of heels and some precious jewelry.  

 Get a Casual Look with this Indigo Blue Kurti worn by Sonam Kapoor

 indigo blue dress

The nicely plaited ankle length indigo blue kurti looks really trendy, well mash-able and amazingly beautiful. The printed figures which look so light and amazingly good, when worn out in the casual outings, the birthday parties, the kitty parties or else the day outs with the friends. Pair this ethnic garment with some eye-catching silver jewelry, a pair of flat sandals and some trendy bag.   

Let’s get Glamorous with this Printed Indigo Blue Kurti!

indigo blue collection

The Twin layered indigo blue kurti which has many printed floral figures on it, which exuberates a glamorous look about itself. If going out on a romantic date or else a day out with the friends, then this kurti would be really easy to carry, will look smart and would make you look beautiful too. Sonam Kapoor has an outlandish manner to make the style and fashion look really amazing! Hats off to her!

Let’s Rise with Fashion in this Abaya Styled Indigo Blue Kurti with Sonam Kapoor

indigo blue kurtis

The glamorous quotient rises and blasts along with the famous Actress Sonam Kapoor who has this amazing sense of style and the ease with which she carries such designer ethnic garments, is just really impressive! People can draw inspiration from her personal fashion sense, always! This indigo blue abaya style kurti looks really amazing along with its cool prints, thread work and resham embroidery. One can pair this garment along with some trendy pair of footwear like platform heels or else stiletto heels.  

Let’s get some Indigo Blue Printed color blended into the Whites!

indigo print kurtis

The talented Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor makes the simple fashion look so amazing! She looks ultra- glamorous in this simple yet happening white kurti which is dyed into indigo blue color. This casual yet exciting kurti can be worn out with the friends, casual gatherings or else an afternoon stroll in the markets!!

Let’s Grab the Latest Ethnic Look with that Indigo Blue Dupatta worn by Sonam Kapoor!

indigo blue suits

Sonam Kapoor, the designer doll of every designer, who dreams of styling her & is like an inspiration to all of us! Her splendid sense of style and street smart fashion all make her look extravagant! This indigo blue dupatta which is worn over a deep orange colored Anarkali suit looks really beautiful! One can pair this outfit with some trendy footwear and some beautiful contemporary jewelry.

When the Off-white meets with the Indigo Blue and the outfit creates Magic!

 indigo kurti

The grandeur, the rich style and that smashing fashion looks really nice and gives a deep inspiration to all, when it’s all worn by the famous actress Sonam Kapoor. This outfit which is in dual shades of white and indigo blue, and looks really classy with its simple yet elegant style. One can wear this in the afternoon high tea parties or else the family gatherings. 

Thus, this is the long list of all those stylish and magnificent collection of the indigo blue Kurtis which are inspired by the famous Bollywood and a glamorous diva Sonam Kapoor. The women, nowadays are also shopping and wandering in the online marketing sites for such extravagant fashion trends. One can look up for the indigo blue Kurtis online too. So, go fetch!

November 18, 2016 — A B