Indian indo western dresses are the classical choice for most women today to almost all occasions and functions as they represent the core of their physical disposition and looks. Besides it’s the new age styling that is lives up to its billing of characteristically trendy design. They are essentially colorful and combine the best of comfortable fabrics, magnificent prints and stylish fusion from both ethnic and indo western design. This gives them a very unique appearance and sharp difference from all other dress designs and styles.

And so, most women choose Indian indo western outfits without much regard to their physical looks or appearance. However here are practical rules and steps to gaining diva like looks with simple rules on what to wear with what and best combinations while putting together an Indian western dresses closet and wardrobe.             

Rules to Appear Slimmer in Indian Indo Western Dresses with an Exuberant Allure and Charm  

A-From indo western dresses in various styles, cuts and finish it is advisable and important to know the kind of outfits which fit your body shape in the best way possible. Incase as a wearer you have a heavy set body shape then it is sensible not to wear clingy fabrics that tend to hang on the top body part areas.

B-In case your body is heavy set at the top then even avoiding clothing with frills especially around the neck line is a great option altogether.

C-Cowl necklines have a flatter and conceal effect on most wearer’s looks and appearances as the gathered fabric besides creating a lovely layered style and design also conceal some body shape flaw. Whether it is in apple, pear, hourglass or rectangular shapes these Indian indo western dresses help with a number stunning dress visuals for a premium stylish looks.  

  1. In the event that the wearer’s hips appear, look or are actually on the wider side then choosing Indian indo western outfits which conceal them is the best path to colorful appearance.
  2. Indian indo western kurtis like should cover up your hips properly and make sure that instead of flaring towards the bottom, your kurti should give a narrower look. More so, Indian kurtis which are slightly a little loose on the body add a flawless glamorous look
  3. Impressively monochromatic Indian indo western outfits make/give the wearer a tall and less bulky appearance and impression.

Indian indo western outfits

G-Smaller prints whether hand block prints or hand prints look simply irresistible on various fabrics.

hand block prints

H- Vertical stripes aid in making wearer’s look and appear slim and tall. The enhanced elongating rhythm of the vertical stripes tends to make the wearer appear taller than actual as opposed to horizontal stripes.

I- Delicate embroidery and sequin Indian kurtis have slender impact and of the wearer look.

embroidery dresses

J-Hair Styles Matter as they Bring Attention of the Wearer’s Physical Stature as having a high bun or high ponytail hair do is desirable as frizzy hairstyles add volume and mass to your look.

K-High Heels and Pumps are Perfectly Stylish, Modulated and Adaptable with Several Indian Outfits

Indian Outfits

L-High heels are stylish and well-modulated and adaptable with several Indian outfits for they not only bring the exquisite glamour effect, make wearers look a trifle taller but also slender.

M- Wearing long earrings, long sleek chains accompanied by attractive and delightful pendants make big statements as they not only accentuate appearances and looks but also give a slim impression.

Get to make an enduring and endearing impression in your latest Indian indo western dress with some of these breakthrough rules for a sharp appearance and look.

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