Indo western kurti embroidery may seem similar and alike to most ethnic dress enthusiasts who may not be keen enough or pay closer attention to see the styles deep details. And therefore, small style things add up to make a big difference but quite often are often overlooked and not taken seriously. Yet when it comes to either a definitive ethnic look and design or contemporary ethnic look with a global style there are many things to look at – for instance embroidery. Embroidery is a close design aspect of most Indian ethnic kurtis and kurtas.

embroidered kurti

But when it comes to indo western kurtis online India there are instant significant differences with regard to the level of embroidery that sets them on different yet mutual paths of style. Let us look at what differences exist between heavy ethnic embroidery and indo western kurtis online India embroidery.   

indo western kurti  

1-Indo western dress embroidery is simple and adaptive whereas heavy ethnic dress embroidery is restricted to certain formal or traditional occasions.

There are several occasions and functions in a calendar year and some may be just impromptu invitations where the heavy look embroidery won’t just ‘cut the cake or ice’ if you want in terms of fitting attire to the occasion. Reason is simple – either too overstated or ostentatious when the occasion can make do with a lighter, sober and fit-in level of embroidery that is adaptive and quite simple. This makes some levels of Indo western clothing in India more suitable and acceptable. ’Loud or over the top’ embroidery simply means excessive emphasis on the huge, large and colorful patterns that may overshadow your presence. No doubt they look nice for a different ethnic dress setting and look.

2- Indo western kurti embroidery uses understated set of colors to appeal to a global audience and ethnic kurtis use a variety of colors and hues.

It is common to see the different blend of unique, grandiose and flashy colors that sometimes may be too loud for the global style palette in ethnic embroidery. However, the range differs from garb to garb. Indo western kurti embroidery retains a set of common yet special colors that are easily acceptable and used by the international style enthusiast. This means indo western kurti embroidery may be simple, precise, minimalistic yet fitting in the overall kurtis design whereas ethnic kurti

3-Unncesarily overpriced due to painstaking time just to create one-attire whereas indo western embroidery give s opportunity to craft flawless designs in short run.

There is in all likelihood that after being inappropriate for adaptability to several occasions and functions that heavily embroidered ethnic kurtis are inappropriately expensive and highly expensive. Indo western kurtis embroidery is appropriately is done to take in multiple function adaptability which gives the wearer chances to wear at many occasions.   

4-There are elaborate ethnic patterns, designs and styles in heavy embroidery and better adaptive

Indo western kurtis online India have a bunch of particular patterns that are typical of fusion clothing unlike the ethnically inspired kurtis that keep a high sense of heavy embroidery.

Important Points to Remember on Indo Western Embroidery V/S Ethnic Embroidery 

-Simple, adaptive and globally acceptable by the international fashion enthusiast

-Can fit in several dress purposes and functions like marriages, dinner dates, anniversaries etc.

-Can be easily worn for international travel, to office, formal meetings and other engagements

-Appeals to a wide global style audience as it is characteristic of ethnic origin

-Retains a high ethnic design and style sense despite adding fusion.

-Indo westerns are the new norm in international styling and designing   

Let your flair be seen and expressed with the best emerging trends and styles through Indo western kurtis online shopping as you inspire with your latest wardrobe.

January 29, 2018 — A B