How many of you love commercials on your phones flashing “80% off on all your purchases!” or “90% discount on shopping of over 1500!” Yes, I can see your smirk girl! It is practically each one of us, who get berserk when they see online discounts that are freaking tempting.

Oh yes! It’s the ladies version of adrenalin rush. You are certainly not alone in this ball game. But I am sure; you might have innumerable times faced fake quality stuff and wrong fabric and actually unbearable dresses that come your way when you shop during sale season. It is a very crucial topic to understand, that indeed shopping and going nuts during sales season is pretty much senseless and rather harmful for your pocket.

Here’s a quick checklist for you to read through and know the top reasons why you should never buy your favorite indo western dresses in sales.


fake sale prices - Indo Western Dresses

This is surely the first point, and of course a point you all feel heart of hearts. Isn’t? Truly so, as there are innumerable brands and online shopping platforms which are perpetually having sale season. And actually not normal sales for a few days, rather an elongated period of sale with supremely high discounts like 80% off, 90% off and so on.

Are you not confused, like are they actual sales or are they fake pricing your pretty looking indo western dresses, or your favorite tops to lure you and charge you unjustified.  

Mock pricing your indo western dresses, your denims or your fashion accessories makes you interested and go around searching for high discounts and collect unnecessary stuff which clutters in your wardrobe. Therefore, don’t you think it will be more beneficial in buying from a one price shop which has reasonable rates and good quality pretty dresses and outfits that you will not regret buying.

Yes indeed, because when you buy your classy indo western dresses from a reliable brand that are not in this rat race of giving away fake discounts and gaining money in the process. You are sure to gain a great deal in the quality and services that you deserve as a valued customer.


Low Qualility Sale - Missprint

How many of you have faced this problem, while buying your favorite indo western dresses in sale you receive an utterly sub-standard product being delivered at home. This is one of the prime reasons for you to stop binge shopping during sales season. Shopping when there are high discounts, is something women of all ages wait for all round the year. And this as I may say, one of the crucial mistakes we all commit.

You have obviously faced this, during a sales season or days as you order your most elite looking indo western dress or your favorite denims  with offer “BUY 3 AND GET 2 FREE!” and with an add on offer saying, “expires in next 24 hours”. Isn’t it pretty certain that you will quickly jump into ordering a bunch of indo western dresses which in pictures look perfectly and exquisitely designed ready to ship by tomorrow?

 The answer is yes, yes and yes! Nonetheless, when you receive that heavily priced package even after enormous discount, you will get hands on one most inferior quality merchandise that you can now neither wear nor throw.


Hidden Fees - Missprint

I am sure most of the SALE SEASON lovers; know what I mean by hidden terms and conditions. How many of you have faced several petty unreasonable unknown terms and conditions that the online shopping platforms or fashion brands uphold during sales season, for all your sales merchandise?

Whenever you go on SALES shopping spree, you are sure to get hit with this missile too. Yes all these, sales time periods witness a classic range of hidden terms and conditions that they apply on the merchandise shopped by you. One of the prime ones that mostly apply on most online sales platform are that the apparels listed in the “90% off” or “75% +20% off” might just be non returnable.

So, which means if, you receive merchandise which is of low quality or defective or not the fabric that you thought it would be. You actually cannot get refund or exchange of that product. Few more unknown aspects of shopping during SALES are –

  • You will definitely compromise on the style due to limited dresses on sale.
  • During online shopping there are huge delivery charges levied on discounted goods, and which reach to you in multiple orders which further leads you spending more.
  • If you are an off-season sales hoarder, please resist this act because you know how quickly styles and fashion changes.
  • One of the key things you need to understand that, all merchandise which is on sale is for sure manufactured in low quality for sales only section. You will always find, yourself get attracted towards the “fresh arrivals” more than sales section.
  • One the most disturbing issue is the “size disaster”, most of the times you will not only get your garment size of the style you like. And just because you get lured with the discount, you compromise in style, size and quality.

By all means, if you wish to buy dresses for your sister’s wedding and you are waiting for the sales season, you must thoroughly read through and please save yourself from inferior products and defective pieces that will clutter in your wardrobe. Don’t become a hopeless, shopaholic and jam your closet with useless stuff. Go for bargains which are worth your time, effort and money. Be stylish and be unique with the latest designs in indo western dresses from the best one price shop in India. 

January 12, 2017 — A B