How many of you girls have taken up New Year oaths? If you haven’t yet and are confused what should be your resolution kind, then here are the top 3 fashion resolutions that you must follow and observe sincerely in 2017. Don’t we girls like to have fabulous fashion and happy hair day’s everyday of the year?

Of course you do, find yourself fully entitled to enjoy fashion fantastic days!


Nonetheless, you might just feel boggled with the innumerable responsibilities and your work commitments eating up yourself pamper hours. So worry not, here are some quickie fashion secrets are going to be a sure hit for correcting all your fashion disasters that you managed in 2016. Girls, here we are in 2017 a new year with new fabulously easy resolutions that you can take up to follow and combine with your everyday cotton kurtis look or your indo western dress and become the fashion diva!

Fashion Resolution I: - Don’t be a fashion jammer

indo western dresses

Each of us girls have a FOD –Fashion Obsessive Disorder, oh yes we do! We just cannot deny the urge of looking at a showroom mannequin and just spending all our savings on a party body con dress or an indo western dress gown or super luxurious cotton kurtis.

Ladies understand that cluttering your fashion wardrobe with redundant fashion collections is just wasting your hard earned money. All that you buy let it be your regular office wear cotton kurtis and printed palazzo or your indo western chiffon gowns, do remember you have a fashion check on the acceptability pattern of your cotton kurtis.

Fashion Resolution II: - Plan your Look a day before

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It is perfectly understandable that you all wish to be a fashion blockbuster every single day. But how many of you actually plan for your look that you want to showcase in your work life. It is quite obvious, to stereo typically dress, if you don’t have any look planning that you should undertake.

Yes, girls it is essential to plan your look a day before as this planning will help you pick a happy new you every day. Become the queen of your look and dress as per your occasions you go to. If you are going for a party don on that fiesta look with your indo western dress and if you wish to go for your garden girls out with your asymmetrical cotton kurtis or your high low cotton kurtis and if your wish to dress up like a baby doll try out the short indo western cotton kurtis with patiala and stilettos.

Fashion Resolution III: - Adorn Fashion that is Comfortable


Comfort is the only way to should style your fashion wardrobe. If you have to think twice to pick up those cotton kurtis then it’s just should not be there in your closet. Create a fashion trend that is sure to satisfy your comfort vibes. Having those styles that are very restrictive to the occasions and places and times should be very rare.

Bring in certain evergreen styles in your fashion closet that are your lifesavers! Like shades of greens, blacks, white, reds; these shades never go out of fashion. Let your cotton kurtis be stacked well and just right way, as they are your versatile fashion comfy vibes you should definitely own this New Year.

So, girls after reading through the most must have habits or fashion resolutions of 2017, you should be ready to flaunt your never dying confidence with the best some expensive and pricey handbags to club with your cotton kurtis style. Accessorize your look well and you will be amazed how beautiful your look will transform into.

January 11, 2017 — A B